Concrete saga on hold for now!

After taking a good hard look at the slab, and calling an expert to confirm, there is no way it can stay the way it is.  It is just not acceptable.  We’ll have to pick this saga up later, and for now, the previous post has been removed.

I am going to try to move forward with the rest of 101 tiny things that need to be finished in time to have a Camp Dularge Open House by the end of the month.  I’m almost over this illness, though today I ran the roads and chased toads with a fever.

I just want to thank all of you for your comments, kind words, and encouragement.  The show must go on!

Let’s get back to progress, shall we friends?

Hopefully by next post . . .

Extra concrete

this will be gone . . .

Extra dirt

and this will be smoothed out!   Keeping fingers crossed!


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  1. Getting well is the first thing you need to do! Make that your first priority. The other things will get done in time.

  2. It isnt weakness to show frustration, you and many of your neighbors have been under tremedous pressures, trials & questions of what/where/when next. Thanks for allowing us to be there for you and thanks for letting us know THE REAL DEAL going on down there. I would have buckeled under, quit, and ran whimpering and whining all the way back to Alaska at the First damage!!!! Thanks for keeping it real, & thanks for getting back up and giving those toads hell, fever and all !!
    Keep on keeping on hon
    We love ya

  3. Welcome, thanks for entering my contest. The pictures are great aren’t they! I bought a CD with vintage ephemera. It has tons of old vintage animals, people, and other great clip art. I hope you feel better soon. yes pouring concrete is a huge task. Nice to meet you, thanks for taking time to leave a comment!!