Concrete under new house! — 16 Comments

    • Six tours in three days. Busy busy!!! And a Book Fest in New Orleans Saturday. Need to do a fish scouting trip Sunday if I’m not too tired. Will blog as soon as I can!!!

  1. Pouring today! That means it will be ready for a crawfish boil on Sunday! Make sure you leave enough time to go to the bank. You’ll need to take out a loan for the crawfish. I can’t believe how expensive as they are this year! Hey, you may not have to make a trip to the bank…Dotter did come into some money this week. Her winnings should just about cover the cost of a boil. LOL

  2. Glad things are looking up for you.

    We were discussing a boil in about a month. Guess I had better check prices first.

    • I’m sure you know the price will probably drop the day after Easter. At least that’s the way it works in Ascension Parish.

  3. Down the road from me a place is selling Louisiana crawfish @ $1.99/pound. Is that good? The trucks come in twice a week – if they’re selling that much it must be a good price.

    • Are you kidding me? They are $3.99 a pound around here. Why are they cheaper when trucked to Texas???? I don’t get it! Okay, it’s settled. We’re all driving to Texas to Shore’s house for a crawfish boil!!!

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