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  1. 1. Let’s talk a little more about “pecky” cypress, shall we?
    2. Adventures of CooNee the toddler coon
    3. Post 4th activities…
    4. Hurricane Ike- Our Home (same pic shown in Hurricane Ike -Our Home Part 2)

  2. 1. Let talk a little more about “pecky” cypress, shall we(second picture)
    2. Adventures of CooNee the toddler coon(4th picture)
    3. Post 4th activities…(red in second picture)
    4. Hurricane Ike- Our Home (1st picture)or(first picture in part 2)

  3. 1. Let talk a little more about “pecky” cypress, shall we
    2. Adventures of CooNee the toddler coon
    3. Post 4th activities
    4. Hurricane Ike- Our Home

  4. well shux…I started looking for the pics when I got in from my shift, but since it was 3rd day 12hr shift, I decided to finishing in the morning before I fell asleep at the puter……again..hmmm…that quick steffi nailed it before I had the second one finished!!!! she’s a quick one for sure. The figs had me stumped tho, I went through all the recipes looking for that match..I remembered the fig perserve posts and was sure that was it…..NOT, lol ..but you already knew that was a red herring..


  5. Okay, I’m one of the ‘lurkers’. I found your site from The Milk Man’s Wife site.
    1. Let’s Talk a Little More about “pecky” cypress, shall we.
    2. Adventures of CooNee, the Toddler Coon. 7/5/08
    3. Post 4th Activities
    4. Hurricane Ike- Our Home 11/25/08

    Thanks for encouraging me to look thru some of your earlier posts I hadn’t gotten to yet.

  6. Oh its just too hard and well….. My cabbage carrot onion celery parsley kielbasa pot is cooking. Low temps of minus 8 coming up. Back is nearly toast. And why don’t I move south? BW, go catch me a trout.

  7. Just a thought after seeing blufloyd’s post (which has nothing to do with his response, but his user name) . I’ve often wondered why people choose certain user names and the “story” behind them. I used to think his was because he was missing Louisiana. Not the case, Now I know from his response it’s weather related! He’s “blu” because of the temperature (minus 8)!!!!!!!!

  8. Okay, I’ve cleared the answers from the comment board and wish my brain would have thought of that sooner. That way, you can’t copy off each other.

    So far we have 4 entrants:
    Steffi, Tar Baby, Dyepac, and SusieC.

    I will try to hide all the entries until the contest is over!

  9. Steffi – I often wonder about the origin of screen names, too. But having read many forums where Blufloyd posts and having met him in person as well, there is no rhyme or reason to this man!! LOL!! He knows I’m picking at him.

    But, my guess would be it is his “male” version of Pinkfloyd!!!

    I’m sure he’ll be along any moment to correct both of us!!!

    His real name is a male derivation of your name LOL!!!!!

    Okay, folks, keep those entries coming!!!!! It’s not too late Magnolia! Katy, where are you? Cotton wife? Farmer’s Wife? Milkman’s Wife? Mrs. Coach? Granny Sue? Emilie? and the rest?

  10. I hope I’m not too late – I want that prize!

    1- Let’s talk a little more about “pecky” cypress, shall we?
    2 – Fig preserves ala Strawberry & Raspberry Jell-O
    3 – Post 4th Activities
    4 – Hurricane Ike – Our Home

  11. DANG IT!!!! I commented – but I dont see it here!! DANG IT!!! We had a power fart here last night because of the wind/snow – I bet that had somthing to do with it. YOU KNOW I would be ALL OVER THIS like bee’s to honey baby!!!! HONEY!!!!

  12. Heidi? I waited until about 11:00 last night to make sure everyone had time, and there was nothing from you (or anyone else) at that late hour. I’m so sorry your power farted and lost your comment! We’ll do this again soon–or something else with a free night as a prize!

  13. i recognized the pics, but didn’t have time to look them up again. Great idea for a contest, though. I think I’ll do one sometime soon–recognize my top five favorite pics and their post.

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