Contest – Just adjusting, not crawfishing!

We all have been waiting patiently to see how this contest would fall out, and I can tell you it’s been something akin to herding cats.

Internet technology can be our best friend or our worst enemy.  And those in the latter category have some very strong opinions about their challenges in cyberspace.  I get it.  I can lead you to the fence, but I can’ t make you jump over it.  That’s okay.

With that in mind, this contest will go down a little differently than first presented.  I’m not crawfishing, just revising.

If you are a reader of this blog and were already subscribed to it, then I know who you are.  I also know which of you went over to the new Bayou Woman page at Facebook and clicked the LIKE button.  Thanks for doing that, and you are included in the giveaway I’m doing on Facebook.  However, it is never my desire to exclude anyone.

SO, here’s the adjustment:

If you have been reading this blog and have not yet subscribed, please click the “Follow by Email Notification” link in the left-hand column on the home page of this blog, enter the required information, and then I will enter you in the drawing for a $100 gift certificate you can use toward:

1)A Wetland Tour

2)A Fishing Charter, or

3)A stay at Camp Dularge

It’s Sunday–church time, family time, and football time.  I get that, but I am hoping to do this drawing on Tuesday morning.  So PLEASE sign up ASAP, cuz I’m itching to give away a prize and get back to my story telling.

And I do have some weekend events to share with you. Here’s a hint:

Okay, let’s sign up lickity-split, ya hear?


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  1. Ok, I subscribed again just in case I wasn’t already. I thought I was but then I don’t remember getting updates to my email. I check the site daily so even if I get the emails I still see the site every day. I’m here, I’m on FB, I’m in contact by text, heck I would be your neighbor if I could. Is that creepy enough? lol