CONTEST: Match the photo!

Here it is–something to take up all your precious weekend time relaxing with the family in front of the TV watching the earth-shattering Super Bowl.

If you’re like me, your earth won’t be shattered if you don’t watch it and it might be shattered if you do!!!   Okay, call me un-American but I’m not a great fan of football.  Baseball?  Well, that’s a horse of a different color.

I digress.  Back to the business at hand.  The contest.

Using questions from a previous post, match these photos with the questions, which will in this case become the “captions” or the “answer captions”.  You only get one chance.  No corrections.  The first person who does so is THE WINNER!  Everyone can play!

Does that make sense?  I’m purposefully being vague like the teacher with the ambiguous trick question on the pop quiz.  Why?  The same reason  your teacher did it—because I can!

Good luck and have fun!

Here we go,

1)What do you see?

2)What do you see?

3)What do you see?

4)What is this?

5)What is this?

6)What is this?

CONTEST OVER:   The Steelers won and so did Dyepac!  The main reason I did the contest was to create a fun way to educate folks and to clear up some confusion as to what was what since many of the readers are from other parts of the country and don’t know the difference between a derrick and a rig.  Dyepac did a great job and I want to thank Heather for feeding my obsession with having things in order.  She is the runner up!  I hope Deb learned something new.  Mrs. Coach’s response was hilarious!  I’m glad Katy like the football game!  Further, the response to this contest proved to me that America truly was watching TV and not blogging!

One more thing.  I learned why women love the Super Bowl—it marks the END OF FOOTBALL SEASON and their TV’s will be freed up to watch movies until baseball season starts!

I promise a prize with the next contest,


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  1. Do you see the red lights?#3

    Do you see the barricade?#1

    Do you see the swing bridge?#5

    Do you see the derrick?#2

    Do you see an inland drilling rig?#6

    Do you see the tugboats pushing and pulling this rig?#4

  2. I think dyepac nailed it, but just in case you want them in the order they appear in this post:

    Do you see the barricade?

    Do you see the derrick?

    Do you see the red lights?

    Do you see the tugboats pushing and pulling this rig?

    Do you see the swing bridge?

    Do you see an inland drilling rig?

    By the way – what’s the prize?

  3. Lets Play a Game….lol
    1) Do you see the barricade?
    2) Do you see the derrick?
    3) Do you see the red lights?
    4) Do you see the tugboats pushing and pulling this rig?
    5) Do you see the swing bridge?
    6) Do you see an inland dilling rig?
    with the close up on the pics, I can see the swing bridge with & without my spec’s! whoohoo! Thanks BW

  4. Do you see MrsCoach trying to figure this out?
    Do you see MrsCoach going from one page to the next?
    Do you see MrsCoach wishing she was there seeing what you see?
    Do you see MrsCoach has already given up hope on winning this prize?
    Do you see MrsCoach doesn’t like the SuperBowl either?

  5. I think MrsCoach should win an award for reading my mind! Except for the Super Bowl….it was an awesome game to say the least.

  6. Do you see the trailors, land and sea?
    Do you see the experienced man of sea?
    How many tug boats, 1,2 or 3?
    Can you see the name where all this takes place?
    Can you find the safety object that made me giggle only ’cause its located so close to the water?
    Do you see the sign reminding me I shouldnt have had that second helping?…………or dessert……
    Do you see the men watching the port side?
    Do you see MrsCoach, Katybug, BW & I, sitting in lounge chairs watching it all go by………sigh
    I know there are more pressing things I need to be taking care of, lol, but those pic’s really fascinated me.
    Daffy Deb

    1. Oh, now Deb, this came through while I was editing and announcing the winner! I love your challenge, Daffy!!!!! I’m off to find all these things. You must have ZOOMED in on this photo to see some of this stuff. How fun!

      Anyone else want to take Deb’s challenge before I answer all her questions?

  7. 1) Do you see the barricade?
    2) Do you see the derrick?
    3) Do you see the red lights?
    4) Do you see the tugboats pushing and pulling this rig?
    5) Do you see the swing bridge?
    6) Do you see an inland dilling rig?
    Mrs. Coach, your submission wins hands down! LOL


    1. Don’t pout and tell your mom to call me. Seriously, though, it was just for fun and I never figured a man would take time from the big game to play this little photo quiz!!! I’ll give you your prize next time you’re down the bayou. How about that? Now quitcherwhining!

  9. great…not much of a football fan……if its not on the water or the woods ..i dont like it…
    mom says hi!!!!!!!

    1. Well, send me your ideas in an email, but I told him he’d get it next time down! I mean, he already won a photo for his wife!!! Maybe she would like a companion photo??