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Timestamp: 2010-07-06 21:47:05 UTC

That would be Karen Savage!

Congratulations to Karen!!  Karen, please send me an email with your mailing address so I can mail your prize out to you.

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this blog, make comments, and wait patiently for us to get enough comments to have a fair contest.  I compromised on the “30” and didn’t want to make you wait any longer.

Is it hot yet?


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    1. Thanks so much, Ang, but not many people on here call me by my real name!! Mostly they call me BW!! Anyway, glad you visited and please come back. Good luck with your new venture helping support Gulfcoast Families. BW

  1. Hi BW- Just wanted to tell ya- I tried to volunteer to help w/ the oil cleanup and was told “It wouldn’t really be safe for a lady alone in a boat”. LOL Since my EJ passed in march I have been a lady alone in a boat lots lol. God bless, Swampwitch

  2. Congrats Karen. Those are some lovely jewelry pieces and I know your daughter will love them.

  3. Karen will love the jewerly! I’ve gotten several nice compliments on mine already. My son (12) guess what they were right off the bat, I was hoping to stump him.

  4. Here I am to tell anyone who hasn’t been over to Kim’s Etsy store to get right on over there – I bought a necklace from her, and when it arrived it was even prettier than I thought it would be.

    One of these days in the medium future I’ll get a blog up about all this myself. Thanks for the original post, and thanks for introducing us to Kim and her work!

  5. Hey, All – thank you for all the congrats – and BW, thank you so much for the jewelry! Apologies for my slowness! I got the earrings & necklace yesterday and they are even more stunning in “real life” ! I will be Christmas shopping soon!

    And also thank you, BW , for the great recipes, nature lessons and just plain interesting things you’ve posted.

    1. Hi Karen, I’m sure Kim will be glad to hear your compliments about her jewelry! I love it, too! And you are most welcome for the sharing done on this blog, but I have to thank readers like you for taking the time to visit with all of us here on this site! So, don’t be a stranger!!! BW