Now that you’re all coming down from you Easter candy sugar highs, it’s time for a little brain strain.

And oh by the way, I learned something new at the crawfish boil at BigSis’s two weeks ago.  Recess is no longer called recess, it’s called “brain break”  or something like that.  Interesting.

First off, for those of you who have won something recently, hold back and let the newbies and the lurkers have a chance.  One of my lurkers expressed hesitancy in commenting because we all seem so close and she might be intruding.  I assured her that the door is open and that hopefully soon she would be one of our bayou family!  So, jump on in here, okay?

So, with that said, this is a personal invitation from Bayou Woman to all you lurkers out there (including two of my old friends who never comment) to join in the fun and take a guess at what this could possibly be!

The prize is a small jar of Bayou Honey made from wildflowers of the Louisiana wetland near my home.  According to Heidi and Choup, it is like liquid gold!  We love it, too!

Okay, readers, start you brain engines, rev them up, and cut loose with some guesses!  I can’t WAIT to see what kind of hilarity y’all come up with.

Oh, the winner is the person who guesses what this is.  If more than one person guesses correctly, there will be a drawing.

Let the guessing begin!


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  1. my first guess would be a horrible close up of the bags under my eyes, but hopefully not…..
    I think its a frog’s back side…lol

  2. I might be what Bayou Woman calls a “lurker” but here goes. After careful examination of the photo, here are my findings; 1) it must be a prisoner of sorts because it’s stamped with a number–193–on the left bottom of the photo. 2) It must be a crustacean of some sort. 3) It certainly could use some acne medication of some sort. 4) It looks like it could use some love.

    I’m gonna guess the top of a crawfish head that was in a trap for a long time that thought it had escaped when it was dumped out by the fisherman. But, alas, it went from the frying pan to the fire and ended up boiled and in the belly of a Billiot!

    Wendy, if nobody guesses correctly, will all the entrants that tried be in a drawing? I really want the honey, honey!

    Lyle Johnson

    1. Wow, Lyle, you are very observant. I never even noticed that 193 on that image It’s weird that something in nature could look so man-made, huh? And you must consider, this might be a “zoomed in” version of something, too!!!

      Yes, if nobody guesses correctly, you will all be in a drawing! But if the ladies decide to come fishing, I’ll give Deb a jar for you!!!!!

  3. How did you get that picture of my hands when I had the allergic reaction to a new diabetes medication?

  4. It’s definitely a “critter”, so I’m going against teh Frog-andCraw crowd and going with a turtle – hope I don’t need to be species specific.

    I’m not even sure why I’m going with “Turtle” as a guess!

    1. No, No, SweetM — you and his wife have the same name. Lyle and I belong to the same Outdoor Writer’s Association, and he recently made me famous by filming a fishing show on my boat!!!!

  5. LOL! I’m not kidding about the hands (well maybe the color. But then again you may have had a bad photo shoot). They itched like crazy too!

  6. Turtle’s behind? just guessin’ since frog and crab were taken. And I won recently so my guess won’t count, but if orginality count then the frog’s backside and the allergic reactions are a close race.

  7. Well I can’t guess since I’m related, but I’m interested to know if my guess is correct, since it’s different than all of the others I’ve seen posted so far!

  8. The best and funniest guesses in a long time people. I was laughing out loud! I want to know about the 193 on the critter……what is that about?

  9. Understanding I have just returned from work, I think Heidi may have nailed it without realizing it….after what I emptied today,….no, no, never mind, Lilman thinks its either a weird alien thats avoiding being blasted with lazers, a weird mutant bayou jelly fish, or a really ugly crab, which he hopes tastes better than it looks…..rolling on the floor laughing at him looking at the lap top upside down to get a better look….omg, boys are so much fun….

  10. It looks a good bit like a horseshoe crab I stepped on at the beach last summer. Kind of a creepy experience. So what is it, really?

  11. It’s a vegetarian! Now, Lyle pointed out the (L-R) “193”, but, if you look closely on the right side, you’ll notice the (pollen) outline of a Butterweed . (Refer to previous post “Wildflower Contest” for photo). I have to disagree about it being a prisoner though. The 193 is an identification number given to him for the study he’s in. Oh, the study…The Effects Of Being A Vegan In Bayou Country”. He was shriveling up. becoming slightly discolored, and taking on the features of an Alien. You CAN’T live on the Bayou without eating ALL the wonderful bounties the Bayou offers in its’ murky waters.