Contest especially for you lurkers out there!

And something for the faithful readers, so you won’t pout!

One day last week, there were 1100 views of this blog.  I cannot imagine that out of 1100 people, only a handful were brave enough to try the last contest or even comment about how difficult it was!  But it’s the truth.

In an effort to pull my behind-the-scenes readers into the front rows, I am posting an easy breezy, and hopefully enjoyable contest.  Besides, Blair, our new rep. at Community Coffee (Scott was promoed up), is anxious to get rolling and give away something really nice.

For a chance to win this snazzy coffee canister . . .

Coffee Freshand a bag of Community Coffee Between Roast (or dark roast if you prefer) please continue and try your luck at this fun little contest.  Here’s what you have to do.

TO LURKERS and NEWCOMERS WHO HAVE NEVER WON A PRIZE HERE BEFORE: In the comment section, please answer the question at the end of this blog post.

To my faithful readers: To win the exact same prize, please type your answer in the contact box at the bottom of the Bayou Woman page.


Look closely for the hidden animal.

hidden.bird2Do you see it now?

hidden.bird3How about now?

hidden.bird4Okay, this is a little better.

hidden.bird5This is all you get.  Time for the question . . .

QUESTION: What kind of bird is this?  And tell me whether you think it is a male or a female.

REMEMBER:  Newcomers and lurkers, comment below.  Every person who gets this correct enters for a chance to win the prize.

Veterans, use the Contact Box at the bottom of Bayou Woman Page for your guesses.

You have until Thursday.

On your mark! Get set!  GO!

See ya soon!


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  1. Yea, Scott. You know his promo came because all your readers started buying so much more Community Coffee!

    Welcome, Blair. We hope you keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Karin! I guarantee you when I post a pic of a Louisiana heron on here, I will DEFINITELY NOT call it a tri-color heron!! You can count on that, honey I’m pretty stubborn about that and people laugh at me because of it.