Coon antics – Part 2

Chaoui is a teencoon now and doesn’t think it’s cool to spend a lot of time with Mommy and the family. She is spending more and more time exploring the great outdoors—even staying out all night at times. She has broken curfew and just refuses to accept being “grounded”!!! Here are the rare indoor photos of her . . .

I don’t know how she stands on that tiny ledge.

“Mom, I was out all night! Can’t you see I’m trying to take a nap here?”

Chaoui makes a new friend. This is Musicman, my daughter’s intended, and he was totally blown away at the idea that a wild thing would sit on his shoulder and eat cookies from his hand. (Give me a cookie, and I’ll nibble on your earlobe!)

Chaoui’s new slogan: Daytime is for sleeping.

So, here she is napping on my oh-so-organized-messy desk–again! This time she’s wedged between the speakers, the wires, and the cigar boxes (remember those?).

(Cigar boxes, hmmmm, give me an idea . . . .)

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