Coon antics – Part 1

There is nothing outstanding about these photos. I just want to share with you some of Chaoui’s antics. She is always into something. A friend of mine who has raised wild coons told me she would be a “perpetual toddler” and that I should photograph her while I can, because eventually, she will hear the “call of the wild”. So, here. Enjoy.

climbing . . . she is an excellent climber. Her claws help her scale even the slickest surfaces. By this time, she has discovered how to climb up to the roof and loves to run all over it.

exploring . . . nothing is off limits for Chaoui. If I would let her, she would climb on every shelf in the frig and play with everything in it. Yes, I hear some of you thinking, “ewwww, a coon in the frig, how nasty!” Well, I totally agree, but Chaoui is cleaner than any dog or cat I’ve ever owned. She has a fresh woodsy smell that is amazing. Relax, though, because I only let her stay there long enough to take the photo. She was very upset when I closed the door — she was in “coon heaven”!!! They have an excellent sense of smell and her olfactories were working overtime in the frig.


food . . . Chaoui is pickier about her food than I thought she would be. I thought she would love raw seafood like fish and shrimp, but she hasn’t acquired a taste for sushi yet! However, she does love herself some cheese! I believe she smells it through the packaging, because every time the frig opens she wants in this drawer.


“Mommy, it’s not nice to tease. Give me the cheese!”

and napping . . . this is my oh-so-neat-and-organized workspace where she often falls asleep while I work. She fell asleep on the paper tray of the printer and gradually slid over between the mouse and telephone. Napping is another way toddler coons are like human babies. She plays really hard and then has to have a nap. It doesn’t matter where she sleeps, as long as she is close to her mommy!

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