Adventures of Chaoui – Coon chow

What does a healthy toddler coon eat–besides Oreos? Well, Baby begrudgingly shares her dogfood with Chaoui. The funny thing is, Chaoui must have a bowl of water to wet the food in. We’d always heard that coons “wash” their food before they eat it.

It’s really more like she “soaks” it to make it easier to chew and swallow. And she’s just as messy as a toddler in a high chair.

Now, she has graduated to using the dog’s bowls and not her own. Do they fight over the food? No, because Chaoui is clearly the boss!

By now, she really thinks she is an equal with our family dog, Baby.

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  1. Ah, so cute. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful website you have (i found it on Blogher). I will definitely make sure to check in often. Cheers and happy holidays!

    Nezhaa – thanks so much for stopping by and letting me know you were here. Welcome to this crazy bayou world. I’ve had quite an adventure already today with my oldest son, his girlfriend, and my youngest son. I’m hoping to post about it later today after we have finished cooking and eating our morning’s harvest!!!! Now, how’s that for a carrot? See ya soon–I’ll pay you a visit, too! BW

  2. ROFL – That is so cute. I never knew you coud have em as pets.

    Hi Dat! Thanks again for your help! Posting later about today’s adventure–which you made possible!!!

  3. I always wanted one for a pet as a kid. Mom just wouldn’t allow it.

    If I had known that, you could have had one of Chaoui’s siblings!