Chaoui hears the Call of the Wild

The words of the old song,

“She’s gone, gone, gone, and I can’t go on . . .whoaohoh”

keep running through my mind. My coon-raising friend said she would hear and heed the call of the wild by November.

He was right.

I miss her kid glove hands, her ultra-soft underbelly, the myriad squeaks and purrs. She had found a secret way into the roof and then into our attic, where she was born. While recently replacing our shingle roof with a metal one (it needed replacing since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita of 05), the workers sealed her secret entrance.

Chaoui could no longer get into the roof to sleep. So, I guess she moved to the woods out back and found a new home of her own. I can only hope she brings the grandcoons to visit this spring.

In memory of Chaoui . . .

Thank you, Chaoui, for a wonderfully memorable experience.



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  1. When I read about the “teen” breaking curfew and staying out all night, I knew your time was limited. As with any “family member”, the departure leaves a hole in your heart. Years from now, y’all will have those conversations they start with…”Remember when…”.

    We are already having those conversations, Steph, because having her was such an exceptional experience. Musicman asked me recently if I really think Chaoui will be her babies to visit . . . I can only dream . . .

  2. Awww! That was so sweet! I love that last picture that shows her feet, too. What a wonderful experience for you and your family. I hope she comes to visit, too.

    Happy New Year!

    That photo of the those two napping just really touches my heart . . .

  3. I still think about Shawee (north LA pronunciation:-)) even though I never met her. Did Termite read the book I sent?

    We have a new addition–post later today! Termite is finishing up a coon book called Rascal, and then he will start on Zeke! It looks like a very old book!