Coon identity

“Mommy, what am I? Am I a dog? Am I a cat? Am I a human?”

We’ve learned that raccoons exhibit behaviors similar to dogs and cats, but somehow unique. She seems to be a special blend of the two, with a little human toddler mixed in. Those little paws get her into more stuff. She is attracted to tiny places, and small cracks. It’s amazing the things she finds hidden away.

Because she is being raised by humans, with a dog as her playmate, and a stray cat outside, whom she has also befriended, she really has no clear identity.

I was told by a “coon expert” that dogs and coons are mortal enemies. We’ve found this to be very, very true . . .


Both females. Both mammals. Both being raised by me. They just think they’re sisters!


I’m not sure what will happen when Chaoui is as big as Baby, though. Right now, she can almost take Baby down with her human-like hands and wrestling moves. This should be very, very interesting!

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  1. Now I’ve seen it all. This is the cutest thing. I didn’t know raccoons can be domesticated. But, what does a city girl from California know?

    Welcome pet lady! Well, there’s much more to come about Chaoui! So, please visit often!