Adventures of Chaoui – Coon naps

It has been a wonderful experience as we watch the development of this wild creature – who doesn’t know she’s a wild creature. When we first found her, she was very wobbly. Now she walks, romps, and climbs. Her little palms feel like leather, and her sharp claws help her cling to anything. After a round of play with the boys, she found a spot for a little coon nap.

As I work at my desktop, Chaoui likes to slip behind me and sleep on the back of my chair, like this . . .

And sometimes she just takes my chair altogether . . . she thinks I’m her mommy

And if you think you’ve seen it all, she even roots under the covers for just the right spot to settle down for the night

Then she lifts the covers, and crawls under like this

But if I’m lying in my spot, she settles for the headboard bookcase of my old, old bed.
And yes, she tore the jacket of Beatrix Potter. She’s not very cultured yet.

Look very closely. Do you see her lying behind the books?

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