Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 4

After all the fishing, exploring, climbing, swimming, and playing, there’s nothing better to do on Grand Isle, than take an island nap . . .


One second she was playing around with my camera bag (again) and the next thing I knew, she had literally CRASHED! Just like you see her in the photo.

Taking a raccoon to Grand Isle was a lot of work, especially at night when we went up into the beautiful beach house to sleep. She had to stay downstairs in a dog cage. She cried and cried, but we had to follow the rules – NO PETS INSIDE HOUSE.

But in the end, it was really worth it.  How many boys do you know who will be able to say not only did we raise a baby coon, but we took it on our family beach vacation!

All in all, it was really a good experience for the boys, Chaoui, and me. The adaptability of this wild creature continues to amaze me . . . .to be continued . . .

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  1. I want to rub her furry belly. I’ve seen dogs and cats that secure in their surroundings but never a raccoon. Amazing.

    And her belly fur is even softer than a cat’s. Yep. Pretty amazing!

  2. I have really been enjoying your coon posts! I love animals of all kinds, and I just want to reach through the computer and love on her! Thanks for these!