Chaoui goes to Grand Isle – Part 1

Would anyone in their right mind take a toddler coon on vacation? I don’t know if we have right minds, but we did. Chaoui accompanied us to Grand Isle, Louisiana. We bought her a pet taxi to travel in and a doggie cage to stay in once we arrived.

With no time to waste, Chaoui and her boy set about having island fun right away . . .

fishing with a cast net . . . this punk has skill

and what will it produce?

A nice coon treat?

If these photos of a boy and his pet coon don’t touch your heart, well, your heart is just hard and cold. These photos reach way down inside me and make me want to write a story on the levels of The Yearling. Remember it?

“Mommy, do we eat these slimy things?”

to be continued . . .

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  1. Does Chaoui know how to use crayons?

    Why? Did someone say they saw coon-like drawings on the walls?!!!!!

  2. You know these pictures and story are pulling at MY heart strings. Love it.

    Just sent you an email, Cuz. Merry Christmas!!!!