Courir de Mardi Gras – Part 2 — 12 Comments

  1. You took some great photos! I really like the “beaded” little girl, the boy tossing a throw out the window, the girl that spun down the road and the rider hanging backwards on his horse. Oh yeah, there was also the “washboard” runner and the … There just wasn’t a bad one in the lot. I’m Going to head over to Shoreacres sight in a little while. Can’t wait to see what she has posted.

    • Glad you enjoyed them! I just can’t seem to get enough of looking at all the photos. I see something I missed each time I look at them! She has a great post, I’m sure you will enjoy, too!

  2. I always enjoy your posts.The people always seem to be a fun loving bunch and the dress is so unique. It is so cold today, I am dreaming of hot weather and playing in the dirt.

    • It’s cold today? My truck thermometer gauge said 86 degrees when I went out to get in it a couple hours ago. AND, we have the AC set on 72 right now and it’s blowing cool air constantly!!! Plus, I have the ceiling fan on in my room as I clean and dejunk! I’m sorry you’re so cold, but it’s supposed to turn 50 again here tomorrow. Crazy weather. I’ve had enough!

  3. Loved all the great photos. What does the fringe on all the clothing signify?

    My favorite photo was the little girl with the beads. My grand daughter loved beads when she was small and we bought a bunch at garage sales for her to play with. I gave them to the neighbors daughter a couple of years ago now that Jess is more into teenager stuff and getting ready to drive than anything else.

    And it is COLD here! Freezing right now and sleeting and raining. Heading for the low 20s tomorrow. Hubby is planning on staying off the road. Enjoy your temps while you can.

    • Cammy, in old France, the “Feast of the Beggars” were peasants, so their costumes were made from “scraps”, and that is why these costumes look like they are made from scraps of fabric. I just love them, especially the pants I mentioned above. I hope to get a friend to make me some. Aren’t all the colors and variety just grand? (Sorry about your nasty weather!)

  4. Wendy, these are wonderful photographs. You captured the essence of the Cajun Mardi Gras. I am happy you had this opportunity and shared your fun day with us.
    PS My favorite is the girl with the backpack.

    • Thanks a million, Dede. Means so much coming from a seasoned photographer like you! Oh, I’m happy to share. Our hosts were so friendly, welcoming, and generous. Folks everywhere were just so kind. There was no pushing and shoving and ugliness like at other typical parades. The whole atmosphere is just different. That girl in the backpack is one of my favorites, too. I caught her just before she started her spin, having no idea what she was about to do, and I just kept the camera to my face, and voila! I caught her spinning! She was having a grand time! Ready for y’all to come back down!

  5. What a great group of photos. Before I try taking pictures of something like this again, I need to learn how to use the “burst mode” or continuous shooting function on my camera. I’d not thought about exploring it, but taking parade photos is very much like taking sports photos — some things, like the guy with the rubboard, move away to fast there’s not much time to compose and shoot. You did a great job!

    I’m with you on the weather. Yesterday the windows were wide open, and it was 77 or 78. Today? Not so much! Rain and 40s, with freezing rain and drizzle for north Houston. Blech!

    • You know what, Linda? I practice using those features when nothing is going on, and then when I get in the throes of action, I just forget to make the changes. There was something to see ALL DAY LONG. It was like visual overload for a photographer. I love your topic choice and composition of your photos. I need to slow down, take my time, and stop worrying about “missing something”, but I’ve always been that way! It will take some doing for me to pause, choose, and then select the proper setting! I just get so wrapped up in the vent, the camera just becomes an extension of my eyes!

  6. Thanks for posting the extra photos! I enjoyed looking at them. Someday Sam and I are going to have to go to Churchpoint for Mardi Gras. That’s a part of LA I’ve never seen at that time of year.

    • I kept thinking about you and my friend Kay while editing the horse photos! I think you and Sam would really enjoy either this one or the one on Mardi Gras Day in Iota, called Tee-Mamou Mardi Gras Run!

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