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  1. Happy to hear the weekend was a hit. I was keeping my fingers crossed for y’all that the T.S. would move slowly through the Gulf.
    What states were represented?

    • Thanks for your kind words, Glenda. I know you from another life which seems forever ago, when we were homeschooling moms in the same support group! That is, if I have the right Glenda G.? Thanks for stopping by and I hope life is treating you better.

      • You have the right Glenda G. All 5 of our children have graduated as of this year. We no longer live in Gray, but in the Northern IN. I am enjoying reading your blog and viewing your photos. Makes me want to go fishing very badly though. I am LA born & bred and will always miss the fishing. I am glad I found your blog.

        • I’m glad you found it, too. How DID you find it? My last one is 16 and will be starting his fourth year in public school this August. Life changes, and so must we, right? Thanks for signing up to read the blog! I hope it makes you feel like home is not too far away.

          • I think that someone we both know from the Houma area had you on their Facebook wall. I was curious and clicked on your wall if I remember right.

            • Ah yes, that would make sense. I don’t have much connection to our old homeschooling friends any more, though, sad as that sounds : ( Life takes different paths and friends are for a season sometimes.

  2. oh heck yeah … and spiffy too….
    Yet to eat a hard shell crab and barely remember the soft shell I ate like 55 years ago.

    Settling into retirement might look for work someday.
    Does Dularge need an official greeter?

    fishing early then heat settles in. 104 forecast high for Thursday…

  3. Looks like a wonderful time! I was fussing on your behalf a little while Debbie was still making up her mind, but it worked out – at least for those of us not in Florida!

    The photos are great – and now I want lunch at Schmoopy’s! Let’s see… if I started driving right now…

    Did you just change your avatar? Maybe it’s been a while, but I like it!

    • It was a wonderful time! Looks like Debby listened to you, Linda! Yes, I changed the avatar yesterday. That is the head shot cropped from a photo the Exec. Producer took at the beginning of the La. Outdoor Adventure TV episode we shot a couple weeks ago. I always put my hair under a hat when I run the boat, so that’s what folks end up seeing on TV! So, I asked him to get one shot before I put it under the hat. He obliged, and turns out it’s a photo that I kinda like (a rare thing!). So, it is slowly becoming my icon photo. Much ado about a picture, right?

  4. Dinner at Schmoopys without me??? NOOOOO!!!!! I know I should have gone! When’s the next one????

    Looks like it was a great weekend! Glad you had a good experience with the first one, hope it leads to many, many more.

  5. Wendy this looks like sooo much fun. I really really would like to come to the next adventure that you have. I miss you and would love to get caught up on each other’s lives. I am sorry we have lost contact with each other. You always have made me laugh! Your blog is wonderful and I enjoy reading it.

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