Cypress Cottage Bathroom Renovation Almost Complete

Remember this?

the old toilet and old floor . . .

And this spot where the toilet went?

Ta Da! Like magic, isn’t it? LilSis carried the old nasty one out. Then Handy Friend repaired the old floor. I installed the flooring and the new toilet. I cut, painted and installed the baseboards. Termite painted the wall. Nice, huh?

Remember this rotted floor?

Well, Handy Friend performed some more carpentry magic on the floor. I did some carpentry on the wall, installed the paneling and baseboards, and Termite painted. . . Just like new!

Here’s the old vanity before LilSis and I removed it.

Here’s the new one, with a new faucet I installed, with some help from BigSis, Carol.
There will be a free-standing eterge` to the left to hold towels, etc, and a mirror on the wall, of course.

How about a gander at the new light fixture that I wired and installed? Also, Handy Friend and I installed the lower paneling, which Termite and I painted. The upper wall is original planks. The lower wall had to be covered because the planks had been cut out in order to inset that old vanity that was in there.

And now for a look at the whole bathroom . . .

before . . .

and after! The tub surround is one that LilSis and I found at Lowe’s for 1/10th of it’s original price. Handy Friend customized it to fit around the window. Also, all the moldings around the window and top of the surround are custom designed of wood.

The right-hand corner was a moldy old closet that was very difficult to get to, so I am leaving it open. I will install some wall hooks for hanging towels, swimsuits, etc. along the two walls.

How about a closeup of that window?

It’s an old-time swing window. The bottom swings out, and you can see the screened-in box that keeps the bugs out. The background greenery is my fig tree, which is loaded with baby figs!

All I have left to do is paint the ceiling and hook up the drain pipes underneath the house. The toilet is already hooked up and working well.

I wonder who will be the first guest at the old cypress house?

To be continued . . .


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  1. Hmmm…….I believe I recall reading the directions for the faucet and light fixture !!!!!!!! It all looks really nice.

    That was you, wasn’t it? I thought HH was under the sink, but I think that was me!! Sorry!

  2. It looks great!…..excellent job to all who have helped.

    Does it look much different from when you were here?

  3. Yes…I think so….the red on the window (I like that) makes the room just POP!….have you checked on the screen for the window? It shouldn’t be too hard to replace.

    Not yet, but the wood frame is rotten and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt.

  4. The bathroom looks great! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the cottage. Maybe I can stay there whenever I get down there to visit?

    I would love for you to do just that. If you come alone, I’ll stay with you!!!!!

  5. Wowee! This looks great, Mommer! (That’s what Mike and I call you when we talk about you amongst ourselves.) I can’t wait to see the rest!

  6. BTW, you should look for your mirror at Ross. They have quite a melange of decorative things at discounted prices, you just have to be willing to look through it.

    Ok, thanks!

  7. You are a jack of all trades and a master of them all, Girl! And your talented helpers. I have the same light fixture in my guest bathroom and love the red window paint. I’m coming to visit!!!

    I’ll pick some figs and make you more preserves if you would like.

    I got that fixture off a clearance table for $10.00! Your fig preserves are to die for. You may absolutely come pick figs and cook them. I can’t wait for you to come visit!