Dear Customers:

It is NOT okay to take your dirty clothes home in the pillow cases.

It is NOT okay to take hand towels and use them as fish towels on your boat.

It is NOT okay to use wash cloths to do whatever it is you do with them to get them brown and black.

It is NOT okay to dig in the closet and get extra towels of any kind because you used them for other purposes.

It is NOT okay to toss your beer bottle caps or cigarette butts into the grass.

It is NOT okay to smoke in the downstairs bathroom.

So, please don’t do it, okay?

Just sayin’

(My major complaints after 17 months of business–not directed at any one particular customer, mind you. Maybe I will type this up and post it at the camp, as much as I hate signs like this.  Nah, I’ll just put it in the black binder that sits on the kitchen counter.  )

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  1. Oooooh…..what has happened to courtesy and gentility? Definitely put the admonitions in the cabin binder and consider the solutions my grandparents used for years down at their rental cabin on the Gulf Coast:

    A box of utility towels and rags under the kitchen sink
    (in the binder, describe where they’re located)

    Strategically placed ‘pickle buckets’ with sand and without outside

    Written words of appreciation that your guests enjoy Camp Dularge as they would their own home! (that’s perhaps heavyhanded, but some folks need reminding!)

    To paraphrase Kim, ahhh the joys of business renting!

    1. Egret, the only thing I haven’t done that is in your wonderful list of ideas is the rags under the sink. I had provided a stack of old hand towels they could use for fish towels, but they disappeared and I never put more. I have clay pots with sand outside for butts, about five of them, but some people would just rather “flick” I guess. But I will go back to the binder and see what I can change to encourage courtesy. Thanks!

  2. My thoughts on people that abuse the space of others;first you are renting the space,not buying it.Follow the rules set forth or you will be asked to leave without a refund.Second ;Respect others at all times,no one wants to hear your personal gripes or listen to your loud music.Third;The cabin or campgrounds will and does have other guest,some are young and enjoy running and playing in the grass,so any litter is to be disposed of my you in the provided receptible.You are a guest,just like someone you invited into your home,abit;you are paying,it still doesn’t give you the right to abuse the place.So;BW,BY ALL MEANS POST YOUR LIST.

  3. Here’s my rule for everything and anything I don’t own. Leave it better than you found it.

    Time to garage sale buying. Dead towels and rags.

    Please don’t point out any time I didn’t, it is my fantasy.

    1. I have the same rule, Blu!!! And taught my kids the same thing. The only complaint I had about you was that little habit you had when you couldn’t set the hook on a trout . . .

  4. I’m with Blufloyd. Leave it better than you found it! We always do.
    You may have to adopt the same rules as some other rentals. Bring your own towels and linens!
    Post YOUR rules on your website and on the inside of the front and back doors.

    1. You know, Steffi, I was trying to avoid posting rules everywhere in order to keep the place more homey and less like a state park cabin. But, if things get worse, I might have to do it.

      1. I’ve only stayed at private rentals and they ALL had their rules posted. Let’s face it, most of your renters are fishermen and they couldn’t care less if it’s homey. They just want a bathroom that works and a place to lay their heads after a long day on the water.

  5. Steffi wondering if you could spend a couple weeks up here. The pink house is always out of control. Tricky back doesn’t help. Need professional help.
    I suppose if I quit fishing every spare moment.

  6. Sounds like the same rules I use here at home. I do have a couple of extras such as:
    DO NOT park on my grass! Use the driveway!
    DO NOT waste water!

    Musingegret, unfortunately, too many people are leaving others properties like their own homes! You should see some in my neighborhood. UGH

  7. I’m not a fishing camp owner, but I thought I would chime in anyway. In Mexico City I have seen signs intended to keep folks from blocking your driveway. One reads (in Spanish, of course): “Respect my driveway and I will respect your car.” Another one says: “Tires punctured free of charge.”

    Also, some family friends who came for dinner last week left our kitchen cleaner than when we started and one of them said it was part of the Girl Scout Promise (I was a Bluebird, so I didn’t know that).

  8. Here’s my 3 cents worth; most places require a deposit that is refunded through the mail after you clean up. Have a set price for yard maintenance; missing towels, etc and send an itemized list of deductions for your services and inventory.