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  1. When I can “get me some” of those berries, I’m making it. When I lived in Kansas and Oklahoma, I always knew where to find plenty. Out here in dry West Texas I’ve only found rattlesnake eggs lately.

  2. Blackberry cobbler is my absolute favorite food! I have a bag of berries in the freezer from last season that just may develop into this tonight!!!!

  3. I’ve had my eye on 200′ of Dewberries that I CAN”T get to from my side of the ditch. I got permission just today (at a “Ribbon Cutting” ) from my former neighbors to go on their property to pick all I want. Now I’ve just got to find the time! Might just have to make some jelly too.

  4. Ive been watching the blooms and staking out where they are, guess I better go check and see if they are ready yet. Been waiting since you posted this last year, Im still salivating!!
    Sounds like a good trade Steffi, wish I was close enuff to barter with the BW, Im sure I’d be getting the better of the deal!

  5. I have been looking for a good blackberry cobbler recipe for about a week. I have about 20 quart sized bags in my freezer that I have picked mostly myself doen here in Erath. Ike didn’t seem to affect these. I have not figured out the difference b/t blackberries & dewberries yet. I will be trying this recipe this weekend!

    • Dewberries are earlier, more tart, smaller, and the leaf pattern and flowers are different from blackberries. If you do a search on this blog for dewberry/blackberry, you’ll see the posts and comments where we’ve discussed this at length. Good luck with your cobbler, and we’d love it if you have time to come back and let us know how you and yours like it!

  6. This recipe looks delishious! i cannot wait to try it out tonight. i have been picking berrys all week! THANKS

  7. I picked a couple of quarts of dewberrys today in about 20 minutes on the sde of the road here in Sugar Land Texas and I talked my wife into making me one of these cobblers tonite. I know it will be good Its the best desert ever! Thanks for your recipe. It looks very similar to one she made a few years ago. We have an ice cream co. here in texas that makes a flavor called “Homemade Vanilla” ( Blue Bell). When you place a scoop of it atop this scrumdelicious dessert you have an absolute masterpiece. YUM I can already taste it!

  8. Just picked 2.5 gal. of berries this morning ..going to make a cobbler today..mmmmmmmmmmm

  9. The Police Jury cut and sprayed all 200 FEET of ditch bank about 3 weeks ago, wiping out this year’s crop! I’ll have to settle for Blueberry or canned cherries for cobbler this year. UNLESS…I can get Hubby to stop at our property in Mississippi on the way home tomorrow (gotta go to McComb-legal stuff). Anyway, I’m positive I could find some to pick. The whole 42 acres are fenced, and that fence line is bound to have some berries!

  10. Those things are solid along the railroad down here and it is only 6 blocks from my house! My mom lives 1 block from it 6 miles east of here and she and a couple of others are the only ones who picks them. I love the berries in cobblers but, the seeds get in my teeth and anyone with diverticulitis has to pass them by.

  11. This makes my mouth water! Can you believe the blackberries are not even close to being ripe here in St. Tammany Parish?

      • It’s a deal if I can get some for you! I hope to get to your place again in a few weeks. Not sure how it will all fall into place. I have all that stuff for you.

        • . . . and they are opening the brown shrimp season this week coming . . . . we could spend the day breaking heads and putting up our shrimp in the freezer!

  12. I think if I pick a few more off of our back fence I will have enough to make this! I sure wish I could get to the other side of our fence, but there’s no gate! The berries on that side are bigger and sweeter because they get all of the sun! I scraped my fingers pretty good reaching through the chain link to get a few big ones! A quart is 4 cups, right? I don’t have a jar, but I do have a 4-cup glass measuring cup! I want to make this soon, but I’ll need to bring it to your house so it’ll get eaten!

  13. No dewberries close around here, but I know where to get blackberries when they ripen and intend to give this a try. This is real cobbler – bet it would be good with some of our Texas peaches, too!

  14. That looks so good! I came back from Vegas with what I thought was food poisoning and it turns out it’s my gall bladder. I’m on liquid diet until I can get it taken out, which is soon I hope because I’m headed to Dallas next week for more training.

    • Oh, the dreaded gall bladder attack. Honey, I don’t envy you. Did they do that radioactive dye test to determine this? I’ll be thinking of you . . . keep us posted . . . .

  15. MrsCoach, I feel for you with the gall bladder. Been there, done that and in Dallas. Hey, you’ll be about 1/2 hour away when you get there.
    Mom told me this am that she spent yesterday morning and part of yesterday evening picking dewberries! She said she only picked about 5 gallons this time though because she got tired fast. I would have been way out of it before I got that many!! She will have them all canned by now I bet.

  16. Gall bladder. eek. My brother had bilateral kidney stones one week then a blocked bile duct then recovering from that had emergency traditional gall bladder surgery. Not his month.

    We used to have a 2 acre blackberry patch best part was the box turtles that swarmed it when they got ripe.

  17. Dear Dotter,
    Thanks for picking those juicy little dewberries, bringing them down the bayou, and baking a delicious cobbler! Oh, and I’m so glad you remembered the vanilla ice cream! It was mouthwatering! Oh, and so sorry to BigSis, because there is not enough left to take to her house tomorrow.
    Love you,

    • It was SOOOOOO good! I didn’t know it was so easy, but now I do! Maybe there will be enough berries to make just one more before the birds get them all. My favorite thing about it is the tartness of the berries counterbalanced by the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream! Mmmm!

      • “the tartness of the berries counterbalanced by the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream” spoken like a true Alton Brown fan! It is amazingly easy, right? If you don’t have enough, you can add either fresh blackberries from the produce section or frozen section of the grocery store. Saw some fresh at TortureMart (eeegads) yesterday for $3.

  18. Thanks guys for the concern—now I’ve got pancreatitis on top of the gall bladder issues. Guess I’ll be going to Dallas for training with an inflammed pancreas and an unhappy gall bladder, lol.

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  20. i am 62 years old and my mom used this recipe when i was a child. sometime she use peaches or apples. she always call it a lazy cobbler.

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