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Dewberry and Blackberry Cobbler Recipe



In saucepan, heat 1 QT ripe berries, 1 Cup water, I cup sugar, 2 T butter or margarine. Then add 2 T flour to thicken. Simmer on low heat, until desired thickness. Do not scorch.


Sift together in large mixing bowl, 1 C flour and 2 tsp. baking powder. Add 3/4 Cup sugar, 3/4 Cup milk. Mix well and pour into 9×13 baking dish that has 2 T butter or margarine melted in it. Pour Berry Filling gently over the entire surface, DO NOT STIR.

Bake at 350 degrees for about half an hour, until crust on top is golden brown.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping and garnish with fresh berries. This is a delicious spring dessert that does justice to these wonderfully tart berries. Enjoy!

PS:  April 26th–my blog stats tell me that quite a few people are looking a for dewberry cobbler recipe.  If you use this recipe and like it, please come back and let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!  Thanks!


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  1. Mmmmm that looks good…..too good. Get thee behind me, cobbler.

    Oh, wait, it’s already “behind” me…that’s my problem!

    ;- )

    LOL, Trish! Me, too!

  2. Our recipes are very similar. I’ll have to give yours a try for comparison. Just need the dewberries. They aren’t yet ripe here .

  3. Ok, now I have some serious issues waiting on the berries to come in. Me thinks I shall try your recipe with some frozen variety of berries…it looks too good to wait…Thanks hon for this recipe…definitely looks like a keeper!
    Deb in TX

  4. Hello!!!!!….I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful recipe!!!!…..I have hunted for this recipe, for so long; this is just how my grandmother used to make her cobblers, and I just wanted to thank you SO very much….My children and husband absolutely loved this, and we have dewberries everywhere(I”m in South Mississippi)……Thank you again for such a delicious recipe!!!!…..

    With Love,


    Yea! Wonderful! Yippee!! I am so happy you found the recipe, used it, and love it! It is just so absolutely simple, and very very yummy, isn’t it? Our dewberry season is short-lived here. I wish we had more. Mmmmmmmm.

  5. I misidentified the wild berries growing in my backyard as blackberries. Now I know they’re dewberries and I got a buttload of them.

    I’m going to try your cobbler recipe tonight! I’m from Houston so I’m not a Bayou Woman but I am a Bayou City Woman!

    Fantastic, EWBL! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you love the recipe!

  6. I will be 11 yrs. old next week. I am hoping I will have more than just a cup & 1/2 of dewberries by then. I plan to make your dewberry recipie for my birthday. Our mouths are just-a-watering, and waiting to taste it. Yours looks scrumptious. I will have to let you know how much our family enjoyed it.

    Your new found friend, Mallory
    Akron, Alabama

    Hello new found friend, Mallory! And welcome to this blog. How did you find us? Let me guess–looking for a recipe? Well, my 23-year-old son tried this recipe yesterday on his tugboat, and he said it turned out great! There is one catch, if 30 minutes baking time isn’t enough, let it bake until the crust is golden brown, ok? Even if it’s closer to an hour. That’s what he had to do because his baking dish was smaller than mine, and the crust was thicker, so it took longer to cook. Good luck! And please let us know if your family enjoyed it. Are you homeschooled?

    1. I’ve got your recipe in the oven. I’m having a slight problem with it. It’s been cooking for an hour and the center is still not set. I made it exactly as you have it on the internet. I was concerned with adding the 1 cup of water but did has the recipe read. Next time I won’t add that much water. It doesn’t seem to get done in the center. I’m hoping it will take good anyway.

  7. I have this very same recipe, except mine was originally used for peaches. I got rave reviews with the peaches so last night I tried it with the berries we had picked. Same thing, everyone loved it. Just thought I would let you know

    Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know this old recipe continues to be “tried and true”!

  8. Mississippi husband says these sweet small berries we’re picking are blackberries NOT dewberries because they’re on 2 and 3 ft stalks and dew berries are on lower plants. Vegetable stand lady says they are dewberries and blackberries won’t be in for another month.

    Well, down here in “coastal Louisiana” things happen earlier; and our first berries are dewberries. I agree with your fruit lady. There are other ways to tell, like number of leaves and what the flowers look like. Please read the post right before this one, where we discuss the differences. It doesn’t really matter what we call them, just as long as we pick them and make COBBLER!!!!!

  9. So…how DO you tell whether they’re dewberries or blackberries. It’s mid-July in Missouri and these big plump reeeally tasty berries are just coming on, and I’m trying to figure out which they are! Thanks for posting the recipe…it is very similar to one my mom made when I was a kid!

  10. I enjoyed the recipe very much. I didn’t see where I could print the recipe without the pictures. I think that would be very convenient to have it display as just text.

    Yes, text only would be convenient. The more up and coming blogs have a recipe software they use, but I’m just not that sophisticated yet. Sorry about that. I guess I’ll go to the trouble to do a “text only” version next time, too. Thanks for coming back and letting me know how you liked it, T!!! Come back soon! Do you have figs where you are? That’s what we’re all doing now—fig preserves.

  11. Scratch that request for the Cobbler recipe. I found it. I just had to keep searching the site. Thanks again.

    I’m so glad you’re here! The easiest way to find a recipe on this site if the “search box” in the right column isn’t successful, just pick the Bayou Woman Cooks category, and the posts will show up in chronological order, most recent first. Sorry, but you’ll have to keep clicking “next” until you get to the one you are looking for. Good luck with the strawberry fig! I hope you like it!

  12. Love the Dewberry Blackberry Cobbler recipe –
    May I use it on my personal website and credit you?

    Just discovered your website – looking forward to reading more –
    Blessings on your recovery from the durricane damage

  13. I’ve never cooked the berries ahead of time, just sprinkled them over the batter, poured on boiling water and sprinkled with sugar. We all have our own recipes, don’t we?

  14. I just moved to southeast Texas and this is my first dewberry season. I am excited to make this cobbler. I’ve been dreaming of just such a treat since my friend pointed out all the wild berry bushes. Yay! Any other good dewberry ideas?

    1. Jill, I think I’ll post a different dewberry desert this year, as soon as I get some berries! Good luck with your cobbler and it is so so very good! Remember the vanilla ice cream or whipped cream or Cool whip at the very least!!!

  15. Made the cobbler last weekend for friends and family in town from New Orleans/and New York City…the taste absolutely sent everyone back to their youths!! I remember picking paper bags full behind my school in Shreveport…that brown bag would be stained purple by the end of the hunt….

    No sadly, I buy my berries at Sam Club..but the cobbler at least still taste as good as ever!


  16. I recently made your blackberry cobbler recipe and within 2 days it was gone I served it over nice cold blue belle vanilla ice cream. If you have any more great recipes please send them my way. Thanks so much for your time and wonderful recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Nay and thanks for visiting Bayou Woman! If you want to see more bayou cooking, please go to the menu on the right-hand side of the page, scroll over “categories” and click on “Bayou Cooking”. Each one of those posts is a recipe with step by step photos, which I think you will enjoy! Where are you writing from? Again, thanks so much for coming back and letting me know how much y’all enjoyed the cobbler! BW

  17. Fortunate we are indeed to have our dewberries in the South;
    I chuckle and shake my head when I read some of the comments from our clueless city sisters and ‘southern transplants’. God bless ’em. A dear friend began a blog last year called thetexaswoman.blogspot. Cancer treatment has pretty much brought her writing to a halt, but you may enjoy some of her creative posts, especially the earlier ones.

  18. Copy the recipe to a work document with out the photos. I copy/paste most recipes to save on printer ink. I omit the unnecessary items from the recipe.
    I plan to use the revipe very soon. Our Blackberries are ready to pick.

    Pasadena, Texas

  19. I have a question. My boys are picking berries, and I was wondering how long they are “good” in the fridge once picked? They don’t always pick enough at once to make a cobbler right away. And, can I freeze a cobbler? Thanks. Can’t wait to try this recipe.
    Alvin, TX

    1. Hey Shanna! Thanks for stopping by! They will stay in the fridge a couple days in an airtight ziploc bag. If it’s longer than that, I would freeze the berries UNWASHED in small batches, and when you have a quart, make the cobbler. This recipe is so easy it’s a sin–almost!!! Enjoy!

  20. I just spent 30min finding this recipe on the internet! I have used it the past couple years but had failed to ‘save’ it. ;/

    I was not about to try someone else’s recipe as YOURS is PERFECT!

    Thanks again and again Bayou Woman!


    1. Hey Donna! Sorry it took you so long to find this recipe!!! Did you see that this year’s best blackberry/dewberry recipe from the BW Test Kitchen is “Blackberry Dumplings”? They are so easy to make and delicious! Everyone that ate them last night said they like them better than the cobbler! Does that tell you anything? Welcome back to the bayou and be sure and BOOKMARK, honey! BW

  21. I picked some dewberries today and saw your recipe. Fantastic! It was so easy to prepare. My family lived it. Thanks

  22. Just wanted to say that I made this with dewberries earlier and we just ate it. Awesome! It makes a perfect crust and it’s not overly sweet. I love to bake but have never made a cobbler before, so this is my first time for cooking with dewberries and cobbler. I will definitely be picking more to put up and I’ll be making this again and again.

    1. That’s fantastic, Heidi! So glad the recipe worked for you and yours! So, tell us something. How do you know your berries are dewberries? That is an ongoing discussion on this blog. This year, I found a patch of wild berries down here, and they are so big that I think the must be blackberries and not dewberries. However, some of the stalks stand upright and some of them vine across the ground, so that way of determining is not foolproof. I’ll check back here for your reply!!!

      1. Well, I don’t know that they’re dewberries per se, lol. It’s just what everyone calls them here. I’m originally from Arkansas and I have always heard them called wild blackberries. I moved to south Mississippi (on the LA line) some years ago and was told they are dewberries. It may be a regional thing as far as the name change, I don’t know, but they look the same. The ones I have always picked from are viney, they can get real thick and resemble a bush. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen any that grow upright. As far as the berry itself, they are usually smaller than a blackberry. There might be the occasional oversized one, but most are about as big as my fingertip. People here have also explained to me that dewberries aren’t as sweet as blackberries. Like I said, these things were all told to me after I moved here and I was “corrected”.

        1. And in just a few sentences, you have confirmed everything I know to be true about dewberries. As has been expressed in other posts herein, blackberries are bigger because they have more drupelets that get much fatter than dewberry drupelets! Dewberries are more tart, and the vines are bushier rather than upright stalks. Regardless, they ALL make great cobbler and fantastic dumplings, which you MUST try next and let us know how your gang likes them! They were a smash hit! Thanks for the reply!

  23. Dewberries and blackberries are NOT the same! Anyway, the best way to preserve them until it’s time to make a cobbler is to put them in pint or quart sterile jars, pour boiling water over the washed berries, then use a “water-bath” canning technique to kill any off ferments. Usually, when the water boils around the jars for about 20 minutes, I put the lids on the jars and take the jars out of the boiling water VERY CAREFULLY and put them on a high shelf to cool, away from any curious children!
    The berries will stay good for over a year, in my experience. They taste just like the fresh berries! You can just open the jars ’til you have enough berries to make a good sized cobbler. I use the strip-dough technique inside the cobbler (1 cup cooked berries/1 layer dough strips about 1-1/2 inches wide, then repeat until the process brings the cast iron Dutch oven to nearly full (within 2″ of the top to prevent boilovers), ending with a lattice-top crust,buttered and sugar sprinkled.
    (Sorry, just my own variation). Jim P.S. Dewberries taste way better than blackberries, in my personal opinion!

    1. Mais, it’s about time!!! Glad you liked it! I have some berries in the freezer I need to use up before May gets here. I better get cracking on that.

  24. Who cares what to call them ;), I just want to find some. I ate the one ripe one in my yard this morning and see only one more. Now I need to find a patch somewhere! This recipe is like the one I have used for years….it is always good!

    1. You’re so right, Beth. Doesn’t matter what we call them, they still taste the same sweet tart flavor! They are ripe here now, but sad to say, I just haven’t had time to go raid my patch yet. I need to, though, before they are all gone, because it is such a short season!

  25. I made this a week ago and had no left overs! It is wonderful. I just put another one in the oven. I may have messed up, I put the berry mixture in first and the batter on top ???? Guess we will see how it turns out. Too late now. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe!

    1. How did it turn out? I’ve never done it backwards, but I would hope it would still fluff up and the batter would cook up like it should. I’m curious to know if it turned out?

      1. We picked berries today and I found your recipe online. I made the cobbler and it was delicious! My husband ate three bowls of it!

  26. I have been using your cobbler recipe for several years now. I just put one in the oven and thought I would see if you were still online and leave you a message. This is the best cobbler recipe and it comes out most true to what I remember having as a child. I have several siblings and my mom would take us to pick wild berries near our camp every summer and she would make cobbler just like this. Sometimes she would make a thin vanilla pudding custard to pour over each serving in lieu of ice cream. It’s all good, mon cher! Thanks!

    1. Hi Jane, and welcome to the bayou! I love hearing stories like yours — good childhood memories given new life through cooking! Glad the recipe works well for you, and thanks so much for taking the time to come back here and tell us about it! Also, I would love to have you as a regular reader, so I invite you to sign up for email notifications! Thanks again, cher! Bayou Woman