Dicotyledoneae and Dichotomies — 18 Comments

  1. What a special story. I like to think it has to do with his Uncle, being gone but the sunflowers are a testament to him. Thanks for visitin’ my blog. I stop by yours all the time, I have always thought I’d like livin’ on the bayou and you seem to bring it to me. Thank you

  2. I’m with Rebel….very special indeed. I believe that those sunflowers show that his uncle is watching over Bayou Dularge.

    (or at least his house and family across the bayou!)

  3. Funny you should write about the volunteer sunflowers. I had 1 sunflower come up a few wks ago by my bird and squirrel feeder. I hope Bayou Fabio saves a few of those seeds to plant next year to honor his uncle. It would be a living monument to his uncle, for the bayou birds and boaters.

  4. Hey BW,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Just curious how you found my blog and knew that I was a reader of your blog. Small world or the benefits of technology?? I do enjoy your blog being a fellow Louisianians and my father is a huge fisherman–he has a camp in Hackberry. Have a great day and I’ll definitely be around perusing your blog and please come back to mine anytime you would like to be reminded of life with young children (especially boys).

  5. Well, VM, I’d love to have you believe that I have amazing technological talents, but I have to confess that it’s called Blog Stats!!! Sometimes I get “ping backs” to sites that have me listed and I get to go visit you! I think it’s pretty neat It’s good to have fellow Louisianians visit. I’ll do just that!

  6. Bloom where you’re planted; life always grows forth; hope springs eternal; beauty is found everywhere despite circumstances; life transforms; and God has always got a plan and a purpose ready to be revealed in His time and way!

    Much love to you, BW, and thanks for the story, the photos, and the joy both brought to me tonight! 🙂

  7. Vance, you are very welcome for the all of the above and know it is my great pleasure to bring a little bayou life to your smoky mountains! And congrats again on that forthcoming t-baybay!

  8. When times are rough we need to hang on to the Blessings of hope and strength. We hang on. We do what is needed. We go where we are led. We leave our gifts for those who follow. There can always be beauty and Blessings found even in our hardest times.
    I think the sunflowers are a greaet tribute to the people of the Bayou.

  9. Oh this is a great post! I came over from Heidi’s, to see what kind of dicots you were promoting! I was so excited to be seeing some of Louisiana’s flowers at their finest. Wildflowers…ya got me. Then I saw the Sunflowers..but alas I was not disappointed! Only energized by your tale and your trip with Fabio:)

  10. bayou woman, Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them! It is very nice to meet you also. I will be adding your blog to my favorites. I love to take photographs and created my photoblog just for my challenges and my favorite photographs. You can join in with any of the challenges I am in, they are all very welcoming people, Lisa does Macros or close ups every Monday. Carly does a Monday shoot, Round Robins is every two weeks (Photo is due in a 24 hour peroid) They like you to sign up for Round Robins, and Martha does the A to Z photo challenge, and Bloggers Community Photo Challenge they are all linked over at my photo blog. Do join any or all of them anytime..some have rules so check them out! If you have any ? just holler at me:)

    • Hi Country and welcome to the bayou. I just spent some time on your site and you are quite the photographer! Congratulations on getting some shots into i-stock! How did you end up here? Do you recall? This is one of my favorite Bayou Fabio stories . . . and I agree with you about the amazing contrast. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! Hope to see you back here again! BW

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