Do you say sewerage or sewage?

It doesn’t really matter, might get confusing, but no matter which word you use, you’ve got to get that stuff taken care of properly!

Sewerage is the system of pipes, etc that treat and get rid of “sewage”. Sewage is the stuff that flows through the pipes and equipment. Now, are we all clear on that?

And today, we got our “sewage” (not “sewerage”) treatment plant installed at Camp Dularge aka Cypress Cottage.
Digging the hole
When I arrived, Ant’ny was digging the new hole while Tracy supervised.
Backing up
As soon as Tracy was satisfied that the hole was level and square, Ant’ny backed in with the treatment plant.
Sewage treatment plant
That guy didn’t say much, but boy he was handy with heavy equipment, let me tell ya.
Leveling the plant
Tracy made certain the plant was level and square with the house.
Next Ant’ny backfilled the dirt around the plant,
Fig Tree’s lower branches got mangled by the backhoe, but I told her I was sorry and trimmed them the best I could. This way, her bottom limbs won’t get hit by the mower blades this summer.
Tracy’s getting the exit pipe ready for the drain field . . . to be continued!


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  1. And ……..did the carpenters show up to work on the stairs? I hope you’re taking notes for future reference when y’all start your new home.

  2. Oh the joys of septic tanks and leach fields. One of my duties here at the Farmhouse is to manage the water treatment systems. We have all kinds of equipment in the basement to treat the well water. I’m also in charge of the septic system. Do you know about the bacteria that you add to the system once a month? I’m drawing a blank on the name, but you probably already know about it.

    And…..I don’t get paid extra for this job either!

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  3. Suzanne, you are quite a woman aren’t you? Yes I do know about the bacteria from using it at my old home. However, I don’t think they recommend adding this to a “treatment plant” where an aerator is supposed to do all the work. It’s different than a septic tank, which is passive.

  4. sewerage or sewage, the important thing is that you have one to take care of the other!!!! It looks like it must be a nightmare coordinating all those construction workers, but boy are they quick when they get there…With the house so high up, dumb ? I know, but do you have to insulate the underside of the house against wind and frost???? Does it get that cold down there to freeze pipes? And can you park underneath it? My blondishgray roots are showing I know, lol.

  5. Rid-X great stuff for tanks. There are liquids too but this is a dry powder.
    Works great in the city too. I got a couple really long lines of pipe under house and out to street. Famous for plugging till I bought the place and Rid-X moved in too. Tablespoon in drains every so often will keep the gunk from getting gunky. If the thing is aerated, I’d dose it with starter bacteria from a koi pond supplier. Course it has to get ‘fed’ too,