Do you see these on your way to town? — 2 Comments

  1. You got some great shots Wendy. Eagles are making a great comeback nation wide. We have seen so many in our travels. They are awesome birds we never tire of seeing.

    They are really awesome birds. Thought of you day before yesterday, saw 3 osprey on the way back in from fishing.

  2. I would’ve run off the road slamming my brakes seeing one of those magnificent birds!!!!! I know they winter here around Caddo and Lake O The Pines, but have never seen one except when we lived in Alaska…saw them all the time…..and was ALWAYS in awe of their powerful presence and breath taking beauty……You have inspired me to start watching for them locally. May have to run over to the lake today for a peek.
    btw…Im from your home town too…I admire where you are today…my hats off to ya…you go girl!!!

    I still have family up that way, but I don’t get up there nearly as often as I’d like. Always enjoy your comments. That bird was GORGEOUS! Oh, did I mention I saw 3 osprey coming back from fishing Thursday?

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