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  1. Sounds like a fish story to me. I got to give it to you, you have pictures to prove it.
    reading your blog is better than reading a book. I actually feel like I was there on the trip with you.
    glad to see you’re keeping your head up.
    Thanks again for the stories.
    Oh, you kind of had me wondering what the last story was about when I saw the shirtlees pictures.

  2. OH YEAH, I’M GREEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I can talk hubby into a Redfishing trip instead of Trout. I haven’t had any Redfish on the grill in so long. I’ve got an idea… I’ll trade you some squash and cucumbers for a Red. I’d offer tomatoes too, but they’re not producing yet.

    • Steffi – You and hubby need to come now while the water is clean and the air is not too hot. They’re catching reds along the bank of Decade with plastics under a popping cork. Don’t wait any longer. Seriously. Pick your day and come stay at the camp as planned. Tell him the captain said so. And if you want, you can launch at Jug’s and go to Mechant, because they are even catching trout in there this week. HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for “bringing me back” to your bayou Wendy. I had pictures in my mind of where we took the boat out the other day. I really enjoyed it!

  4. See,it’s all around you,ready to enjoy everyday right now,don’t sit around with a dark cloud hanging over your head,no one knows what the future is going to bring to us but I plan on making the best of it and I encourage you to do the same..
    I was pulling peeler traps when a squall came in today,40 to 50 knt winds and driving rain,beached the boat behind a small island and enjoyed the sights and sounds for a hour.

  5. Carpe diem or something latin. I spent a couple moments remember the Oilman’s tragedy from last year. Working 7 days a week has me on fishing
    hiatus almost for me. Just hour here and there with flyrod.

  6. BW ~

    blufloyd made me laugh out loud. My dad used to say, “Carpe carp”. Sure sums up your post!

    I’ve been struggling a bit, too, but managed to get a new post up with some advice similar to yours:

    … for now the fouled waters are quiet. The coast itself, fragile beyond belief, is not yet damaged beyond repair. In this lull… it’s time to turn off the computer and ignore the television.

    Just for a while… ignore the video feeds and go outdoors. Wherever you might be, take the time. Yield to the wind’s embrace. Breathe in the humidity. Disappear into the fog. Accept the heat. Look at the clouds. Describe to yourself the color of the sky, the weight of the air. Remember what science tells you, but consider what you experience with your own senses…..

    Who knows? You might even catch you a fish!

  7. My days as a zen hippie recluse taught me to be here now. Too many live for tomorrow or in the past.

    BW, send Termite out frogging with the camera.

  8. Frogging?? Oh la la I love frog legs! Would you believe a young man that works with my husband thought he and a friend were trying to pull a joke on him recently when they were talking about frog gigging and how good fried frog legs were??? They finally told him to check on the internet or go to the grocery store here and look in the frozen sea food & fresh water fish section.
    I don’t know if he believed them finally or not. Hubby has been working some long hours and we only get to talk for a few minutes during our dinner if he gets home in time to eat with us.

    • As of today, we have not yet been. Termite went first night with a friend in their marsh . . . nothing . . . . gotta get my act together and go with him. And we use our hands to catch them! No gigging! We call it “frogging”!

  9. Tornado alley here tonight if anything left I be sacaulait fishing in am.

    Used to get 8 saddles for 12 bucks at bar. Then they changed the batter and dropped it to 4 saddles. I gave up.

    • Like I said, sold my decoder ring to Dyepac, so what the heck are saddles? Only thing I ever used a saddle for was to ride my horse, Amber. That was back in 1976, before it became a popular girl’s name. Amber was the color of my horse; hence the name. How original, right?

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