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  1. Yes!! Buyers of such species should be informed. It is a shame there is no way to “tag” each one sold and record the purchasers info. Set one free, let it be caught and buyer be fined.
    Same with the little alligators that were sold at the fair. Our local lake that we received water from for several years had a couple in it that were enormous. During one severe drought, one was killed after attacking someone. Never did hear about the other one.

  2. Scary! Having had aquariums growing up, I was under the understanding that fish would only grow to the size of the aquarium they were in…THIS information would have given me basement nightmares!!

  3. I have heard that when people released goldfish into the Ohio River the fish got really big. And I remember a fishpond at a neighbor’s house when I was growing up–I think it was her old well, filled in most of the way and then sealed at the bottom to make a pond. The goldfish in it were huge! I really, really hope that this was a one-time event, BW, and that there are no more of these fish lurking in southern waters.

  4. As a diver, I have watched the lionfish deplete the juvenile reef fish in many places. The devastation wrought by invasives should not be understated. Keep up the warnings!

  5. WHY are invasive species even legal to sell? Maybe that’s something our politicians could look into and agree that it should be illegal to sell.
    If it is already the case, I apologize for my ignorance. It really “P”s me off!

    • That’s a really good question, Steffi! I think it happens on a very grand scale, when you include reptiles, lizards, and tropical species of other birds and animals.

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