Don't you just love a good mystery?

Not a murder mystery, silly.  A plant mystery–my favorite kind.  I passed by this plant, see, that had these big leaves, see (James Cagney voice.  Anybody know who that is?) and thought silently to myself, see, that I didn’t recognize those leaves, see?

You have to remember (back to my own self now) that flood waters deposit all sorts of strange seeds and plants from other places.  Remember Bayou Fabio’s story about the sunflowers?

Today, I noticed a flower under one of those big leaves.  Rather than look it up and act like I’m Miss Know-it-all Botanist, I’d rather let you, the Know-it-all Readership, tell me what it is.

Now, if you go look it up to find out, then you must confess, see, or I’ll give it to you like you gave it to my brother, you dirty rat!

Sorry, I’m back.  As I was saying before Jimmy took over.  Please tell us where you found it online so we can all look it up and educate ourselves to the enth degree on this little transient.


Termite guessed it’s a watermelon plant.  What’s your guess?

I want you to know that I had a great scientific breakthrough today.  The blind mosquitoes and biting gnats are WORSE with the full moon.  Because today, Termite and I shoveled and hauled 8 more loads of dirt out of the side yard and we only got bit a couple times and the midges have all but vanished.  The decline in these creatures is amazing.  Thank goodness!  I did not want to douse myself in Deepwoods Off!

Waiting for your brilliant answers!


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  1. Not sure about the plant, but I’ll research it tomorrow. I do however have a solution for those pesky, little blood sucking gnats. You need to make a trip to Victoria’s Secret. After you browse through the Lingerie, (LOL! We’re both “Colombia” style women) go purchase some of their “Fu-Fu” juice. Either the Vanilla Lace or Amber Romance scent. (I’m told the A.R. is best) Gnats hate it. This is from the mouths of fisherMEN who use the stuff as a deterrent for gnats.

  2. I don’t have to guess – it’s Nasturtium. The blooms are edible, as long as it hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife (The Farmer manages a large fresh herb and edible flower operation)

  3. Rats, I thought I might be the one first with what it is. It’s a nasturtium plant. You can also get these in a beautiful deep orange. They have a faintly peppery taste.

  4. I agree….nasturtium. I grow them every year in honor of my wonderful second Mom, mother-in-law, Gracie. I add the flowers to my salads but my two guys just push them aside.

    Steffi: get out of here! Fu Fu Juice from V.S.? OK, I’ll bite (pun intended). Just how much does this juice cost that’s used for bug repellent? It’s gotta smell much better than Avon’s stuff.

  5. BW, would you mind telling me the name of the nursery your friend owns that gave you your gorgeous Hibiscus last year? I’ve looked through past posts and my eyes can’t find it. I need some of his unusual colors to perk me up right about now.

  6. I agree. Nasturtiums! They are a natural bug-repeller. People plant them next to their tomato plants. Besides being beautiful, they are an organic gardening treasure!

  7. I knew you geniuses would know!!! I’ll take your word for it and go look them up. So, now, let’s solve the mystery. I have NEVER ever grown them before and have no idea where this one came from. I mean, it’s not even a flower that I’ve ever seen anyone grown around here. I’m assuming since it’s a volunteer, that they are perennials?

    Let’s make up a story of the “Lonely Little Nasturtium” and how it came to be down the bayou.

    About the gnats. I have used Amber Romance before, and it does work if you can stand perfume. I have used SOS, too, but it is GREASY and I can’t stand that smell for sure!!! I’ll have to go to Victoria and get some fu fu juice!

    Steffi – What is Columbian? Oh wait!! I get it. Columbian!!!! That’s funny!!! Do they make p.j.’s? LOL!

    Katy – It is Dupont’s Nursery in Placquemine and they are Cajun Hibiscus. This link tells you if there is a store near you that carries these beauties.

    If you ever want to find something on the blog, there is a little search bar up there on the right, just type in the key words and it will find it for you!!

  8. Okay, Steffi – I believe you about the fu-fu juice, but do you really thing that’s why those fishermen were in VS?

    Nasturtiums are related to watercress and the pepperiness of them is what wards off insects. Here’s a site that talks about them. It will lead you down a nice rabbit’s trail if you follow the links:

    Here ya go, BW. It’s not a story, but it’s the best I can do on short notice.


    Where did the lonely little nasturtium
    Come from
    By hurrican’ winds blown
    To a new home
    Gone are the friends of yore
    … Rooted at a new door
    Who will see my beauty now?
    Who will watch me sway and bow
    Under the umbrella leaves
    Carressed by the breeze
    By the wind – Wendy.