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  1. Now THAT is what it’s about – good times with family & good food!

    If I may inquire, what is in Mamaw’s Spiced Tea Mix? I love me tea and do appreciate a spiced blend….

    Wishing ye health, prosperity & happiness all year!

    • Capt. John, so glad you asked. You mix the ingredients and mix in an air-tight container. Add 2 T. to boiling water. It contains (reflects the generation): Tang, Iced Tea Mix, Lemonade Mix, brown sugar, ground cloves and cinnamon. If you would like measurements, let me know! I’ll be posting any and all of these after our gathering when I will have more time!

  2. Enjoy the time with family in the new house! I will be in a basketball gym tonight (where else am I this time of year), your buffet will make my pitiful hotdog seem unbearable. 🙂

  3. If that Spinach and Artichoke is the hot one like Copeland’s of N.O. serves w/ fried Bow tie pasta, I WANT THAT RECIPE! Have you ever had theirs? I hope y’all make wonderful 1st. memories in the new house.

    • Sorry to say, but it’s the one the little woman was giving away at WalMart from their cold section back by the deli. It is very, very good when warmed up. I have had Copelands’ but theirfood is too rich for me!

  4. Chocolate covered cherries. Alrighty

    French onion dip. Big fan til that fateful day.

    GBC. Why? OYOY?

    I got this free 16 pound turkey I am cooking tomorrow night I think. Chucking onion celery carrot herbs in cavity. After herb rub in the oven for duration.

    Not one oyster to be seen any where around here.

    Used to make chili and oyster stew on the eve.
    Too many people then and more the next day.

    Then big get togethers with people I never knew from neighborhood who move a county away.

    Ever try Constant Comment tea. Great stuff. I live on it evening starting right about now.

  5. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours in your new home. Traditions are wonderful and made to be added to. I haven’t even put up a tree yet. Guess I had better do it this weekend since we are having our get together Friday night.

    Your menu is similar to mine. And my center piece is a gorgeous poinsettia too. They say great minds think alike! LOL!! Enjoy the family and have a wonderful time.

  6. Ooooo, I just love holiday buffets—lots of different dishes for leisurely grazing! Merry Christmas to you and all of yours. It is so wonderful to start building new traditions in the new abode while adding in some old ones. Just think, in a few years you all will be looking back and reminiscing about the early Christmas of 2010.

    Can’t wait for the corn dip; anything with corn I adore. Here’s a traditional family favorite of ours:

    Stuffed Zucchini Boats with Curry Corn

    Cut zucchinis lengthwise and hollow out some of the flesh; dice.

    Saute the flesh with frozen white and yellow corn kernels until tender. Season with salt, pepper, curry powder to taste and add enough sour cream to make creamy.

    Spoon back into shells, sprinkle with grated white cheese (Jack, Mozzarella, your favorite) and bake in 350 oven till squash is tender.

    Bon Appetit!

  7. Late to the party,but loving it – especially the thought of oysters.

    We used to have oyster stew and chili on Christmas eve, too. Kind of strange, up there in Iowa, but that’s the way it was. My dad loved oysters.

    I love your pics, and the menu, and all the love. Merry Christmas to you!

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