Early Thanksgiving Treat!

Dotter, pictured above, has accomplished so many things in her 20-something years, the most recent of which is starting her own blog called “Pocketful of Pennies – my two cents and a penny for your thoughts”.

Rather than my telling you what’s going on down the bayou for early Thanksgiving this year, she has agreed to let me introduce you to her blog today, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure you read the “About” tab to learn more about her background, although she is somewhat modest in her account of her gifts, talents, and accomplishments. I’m just about as proud of her as a parent can be, so indulge me, friends.

Please hop over and read “Thanksgiving Sans Turkey” post, take a penny and leave her a thought or two. Meanwhile, I’m going back into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the “Geraldine Fletcher old-fashioned, southern-style cornbread dressing” and to peel and mash the Louisiana sweet taters for casserole with melted marshmallows on top (the ONLY way she will eat them!)



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  1. Enjoyed reading her blog and you should be very proud of her. You did a great job being a mother. Take that back. You are doing a great job as we never quit being a mother to our children.

  2. I’m headed over to Dotter’s blog in a minute. But first, Have y’all ever had Sweet Potato Crunch? Chopped Pecan topping…decadent!

    1. I made it over to Dotter’s. She must have gotten her writing abilities from her mom. I’d forgotten she had started her blog, I’m glad you reminded us. I went back and read all her post.
      I had a nice chuckle about her chasing her brother with a broom. It also brought back a memory of my mom chasing my oldest brother, hitting him over the head and bending the broom handle. Made me make a mental note. Don’t be a cocky 17 yr. old and cross mom! BTW, the only harm done was to the broom. Butch’s head was too hard to hurt!

      1. Steffi – we had a great time last night at Dotter’s house . . . they were in rare form with their childhood stories. Danno was relating a story of how I SNAPPED on him when he was 15 and issued a warning to Termite, who is 15 now. I’m hoping it put the fear of God in Termite, but those teenaged boys all have to find their way, don’t they? By the way, we had a brother named Butch, too. Interesting!

  3. Ah well later I’ll be doing Choup style sweet taters.

    Marshmallows? oh well. Haven’t seen the pumpkin spice one in a few but not long enough….

  4. I enjoyed Dotters blog. I didn’t leave a comment because I am not signed up to whatever it wants me to sign up for. I think I am a member of too many things to remember already!

    I wonder if all of us chased our siblings with a broom??

    1. Cammy, thanks for visiting her blog. It’s a wordpress just like this one, so it should have been the same sign in and easy. Oh well . . . . and I have a memory of my dad and my teen brother with a push broom . . . . guess we gotta laugh because in today’s time some of those things might border on abuse, LOL!

  5. Thanks for the link to Dotter’s blog. I’ll get myself there in a sec. And I do love that photo up top.

    I’m not sure what all the broom chasing’s about, but I do have vivid memories of the time I “ran away from home” during my third year of life and ended up on top of a big dirt pile, throwing clods down at my mom. I’m told she laughed about it, once she got over thinking something terrible was going to happen to me on my run around the block. 😉

    Oh – and sweet potatoes. Check out this recipe for sweet potato/pecan/cranberry salad. Wonderful!

    1. Thanks for the recipe link, Linda. And I think you’ll be delighted by Dotter’s blog. I wanted to go see if you had a new post this a.m. but I’m out of time. Gotta hit the foggy road now!