Earthquake in Louisiana — 10 Comments

  1. I haven’t heard about the earthquake but I’ve been hearing plenty about methane being released into the gulf and the atmosphere.

  2. Hubby told me about the earthquake, but we haven’t read anything about it. (We could have missed it though) We do know people in the area of the quake, but I guess they slept through it. What do you think La. should expect next…Locust or a blizzard in Aug.? I think we’ve experienced every other thing Mother Nature has to offer.
    BTW BW, you KNOW BP is full of gas! Notice I said gas not gasoline!

  3. I think the explanation’s a little more simple.

    There are two ROVs involved here. One, whose arm is visible on the left, is on the seabed. The other is the one whose video feed is being recorded. They’re messing with that line or cable that’s visible about halfway through.

    The movement shown is from the second ROV changing position, and the “cloud” is silt and such stirred up by its thrusters.

    I knew all those hours I’ve spent watching the ROVs and reading live commentary from the ROV operators and such on The Oil Drum would come in handy some day! 😉

  4. ps – I am going to post the video over at the oil drum and see what the experts have to say. I’ll report back if one of them is kind enough to respond. It will be fun to see if my interpretation’s right or if I’m the one who’s “all wet”!

  5. I have information direct from “rovman” on The Oil Drum. He is in fact a ROV operator, and knows those babies like – well, like they’re his babies.

    There are two ROVs in that video. The one on the left is doing sonar surveying. The one on the right, that we can’t see, is kicking up the dust. That’s the one that’s moving. To quote rovman,

    In the video linked to above, the ROV is simply taking off from the sea bed. It is possibly returning to its cage as it appears to begin following its tether. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    I haven’t looked at the video again, but I suspect that line or cable I noticed is the ROV’s tether.

    All this discussion is buried in the current entry, but you can find the beginning of the thread here and follow it down. Nice people on that site!

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