Egg-cellence Achieved!

Who was the doubting Thomas who asked the question:

“Hey Bayou Woman!  How does a rooster help with egg laying, anyway?  They’re just useful if you want fertilized eggs!”

Well, while that may be true, my remark about Earl Grey (or T-boy for short) helping her “kick up her egg production” was just that–an off-handed remark.

Somehow, though, I was hoping that his strong, male presence would bring her such a sense of security, that she would get over her post-traumatic-stress-anti-egg-laying disorder and start giving something back in exchange for the continued room and board offered her.

Oh, ye of little faith.

The rooster has done his job.

The happy couple has produced their first egg.  And to answer your next question:

NO!  I am not going to let Lady Grey hatch it.

Why not, you ask?

Because I’m a lazy chicken farmer.  Even though my secondary motive for getting her a husband-protector was so that they could raise babies of their own, that will take place in the spring, when the chicks won’t need to be coddled or have heating lamps added to the coop.

Until then, I figure if I take every egg she lays, then she will boost her egg production back to where it should be, which is an egg a day.

Hey, call me cruel, but I think she’s happy just to have the company.

Little does this rooster know, but he was about to become chicken stew when I asked my friends if they had an extra rooster they could spare.  He should thank his lucky eggs!

Maybe we should have named him Lucky Duck!

Off to the feed store for more Lay Pellets and cracked corn.



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  1. That’s Grey Girl’s (GG) welcoming present to T-Boy! Ah, romance. I think you should blow it out, dye it, shellack it and hang it up as a milestone for the new couple. Kinda like a new shop owner framing the first sale dollar bill.

  2. Congrats on the egg!! My bantams just started laying so most days I get an egg form each one and so far we dont have a rooster. I hope I dont need one Clay will want dozens of baby chickens.

  3. I just hope Earl is quiet the next time I am visiting! lol Or maybe he will run on Indian time and crow about noon. 🙂 The neighbors rooster crows about 3 a.m. because she has a light on a timer set for that time to help egg production (or something, I wasn’t really paying attention to her explanation).

    1. Hm. Well, we’ll just load the chicken tractor up and haul it down to my house, okay? Yes, the more daylight, the better they lay. That’s why egg production slows down in winter — shorter days.

  4. Congratulations on the new egg! Great news. She must be feeling more secure and content with a new husband in the coop. 🙂

  5. If’n you get a bogus egg in the nest, the lil darling may be even more motivated. I’d get him another hen….day off or something like.

    1. Yeah, old timer told me to give her plastic eggs when I take the real ones. But she is a brooder, and the problem is, when she has a clutch of eggs, she won’t get off the nest for anything.

  6. We used to put glass eggs in the nest when I was a kid. About the crowing…Some fishermen might like having him around to use as an alarm clock.

    1. The couple who stayed right after he arrived said they loved it. Well, wait, the husband said HE loved sitting out on the deck with his coffee listening to Earl crow. He’s a city boy, that’s why!

  7. I am 5 blocks from downtown and people a street east of me has chickens and it sounds like a dorm of roosters!! And they are LOUD. Between them, goats a couple of houses north and all the dogs that surround us, it is like a symphony hall where all the musicians are warming up. And there is a RR 6 blocks south that is really busy but, there are two trains that go thru betwen midnight and 3am that have engineers who believe the whistle/horn should be pulled and held down solid from city limits sign to city limits sign. When they zip thru, all the animals come alive!!

      1. Hot single babes looking for love?
        Or ex con types?

        Waiting to see how next Tuesday goes, I might make a blast n cast run soon.

        1. Okay, Blu, this is a family show. Don’t make me censor you! Neither of the above–but nice, strong women that grew up in the swamp hunting and fishing with their dads!!!

          1. You brought up gender I was looking for some sort of direction or flavor.
            History channel probably doesn’t ever get steamy unless they are doing lobster shore lunch…

  8. I got a chance to see Rusty, um I mean Earl today. He’s a handsome specimen.
    BW, the cake I left is NOT up to its usual standards. It taste ok, just not GREAT like they usually are. There is a LONG story about baking them this year. Let’s just say Murphy’s Law applied to me the whole day.

  9. I named “Earl” Rusty at the very beginning of the contest. He LOOKS like a “Rusty” to me! LOL! BTW, I went back to Jan. post to check I was the 2nd person to suggest a name.