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  1. Thistle flowers just before they open, remind me of artichokes. Your butterflies look like Monarchs. We had to mow our yard this weekend. The vetch, dandelions, grass burrs and every other weed around has tried to take over. Hubby can’t use his left arm much until therapy is all finished so, he took the riding mower while trimmed hedges. The riding mower said NOPE! No Way! and promptly quit. We think trash in carb. So, the push mower was it. I mowed a bit and rested while hubby mowed one or two passes using one arm. Took us all afternoon to do the front and sides but, it is done. 🙂 The back gets to grow until after the Easter Egg Hunt/Crawfish Boil on Easter Sunday.

    The plum tree has gone from a giant snowball of blooms to thousand of tiny plums and leaves. The rose bushes are getting buds on them, my iris are growing but mine are late bloomers while the neighbor behind me has gorgeous white blooms already. My day lilies are sprouting and so are the widows tears. My paper whites were fabulous this year and my garden is full of weeds. But, the amaryllis, garlic, oregano, mint and opal basil are mixed in with those weeds. 🙂 It is so hard to believe it is already spring even if the temperature is in the 80s. But, it is so beautiful when I look out the door and see all the fresh greenery and early blooming plants. Even if I am sneezing while I do it.

    • Oh, I love hearing all about your flowers, herbs, trees! I forgot to mention that I lost all my potted flowers, plants to the freeze. I’ve since repotted about 20 pots! Only thing I haven’t yet replaced were my two Cajun Hibiscus. I planted three tomato plants yesterday. Hope they do well!

  2. Wendy, I need your advice. We are having our crawfish boil Easter but, I have to pickup my crawfish Saturday and I need to know how to keep them alive until Sunday. Normally we have the boil on a Saturday so no problems. I have a garage w/fridge but, hate to have it smell like crawfish forever. I also have a Rubbermaid container without a lid, that we always use to rinse and clean them in prior to boiling. They will arrive in a net bag that will be in a box. The grocery store keeps them in a cooler until we pick them up.
    Please give me some advice. We do have a LOT of neighborhood cats. Thank you.

    • This is a tough one because we’ve never tried to keep them overnight. I hate to tell you but they probably need to go in the spare frig. You’ll just have to wipe it out after and put lots of baking soda on plates in top and bottom sections to take away odor. Your only other option is to put ice in the bottom of a cooler, leave the drain plug open, and then lay plastic over the top of the sack and another layer of ice. Ask the market selling them to you if that will work. Sounds like y’all will have a grand time on Easter!!! Or maybe a bag of ice on bottom and a bag of ice on top, that way the ice water doesn’t leak out at all. Just be sure you leave the drain plug open.

  3. I look forward to the dogwood blooming most of all. I remember seeing it throughout the woods going to the Farm to see Ree and Grandpa Orr. Your grandmothers yard was always lovely in the spring. She was such a lovely lady. Have a great spring, Wendy!!

    • Dogwood are beautiful – not too many around here, though. The azaleas are almost finished down here already! The La. irises are just blooming. Thank you for the kind words about Grandmother Vi! I am having a great spring, as I hope you do as well. Be healthy, Pam!

  4. Looks like we’ll have Satsumas this year! Yea! As you know last year was a bust. The tree I’d full of blooms. We also have a lot of clover. The bees are happily buzzing around.

    • Good for y’all! I purchased a dwarf lemon and planted in a huge pot. I hope it thrives! Yep, lots of clover here, too. Someone within a mile or so of you must have bee hives, because as you know, there aren’t many wild bees left.

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