Excuse me, ma'am, is that a raccoon on your desk?

Well, I do believe it is a raccoon!!! And a youngun at that!

Can it be? Are we once again blessed with a baby coon to replace our precious Chaoui? It would be so grand to be an animal mother. They don’t have to wait years to get another chance to “raise a child”.

Chaoui has only been gone since November, and a mere 6 months later I get another chance to raise a coon from an infant and correct any mistakes I might have made with Chaoui. I don’t have to wait years for another chance.


She and her two brothers were born in a closet in a camp down in Cocodrie.  Their mother was killed by an irate man who claimed the mother was going after his $1200 parrot (sounds crazy to me).  A young man from down here ended up with them somehow.  After about two weeks, he heard that I had raised a coon, called me and asked if I would take another one to raise. Of course, I asked for the little girl and he readily agreed to let me have her—only catch was that I could not take her until after the wedding. She was delivered to our door the day after the wedding.  She’s our new baby.

She hugs our necks and squeals when we try to set her down.

Her bottle consists of kitten formula, Gerber rice cereal, and Karo syrup.

She’s about as big as my shoes!

Her little claws are razor sharp, enabling her to scale a pants leg or a bedspread.

She sleeps with a stuffed animal, but she’d rather sleep in my bed.

Allow me to introduce our newest addition . . .

CooNee (coo NEE). I’m trying the name on for size to see if it fits her. Do you like her name? Do you think it fits her?

She is asleep on my lap right now. I hate to move her to her bed, but I must. It’s my bedtime, too.

Good night, CooNee!

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  1. That’s a face to melt any heart….AAAAAAAWWWWwwwwwwwwww!!!! and yes, I think Coonee is a perfect fit. By what way did your charge happen to fall into your waiting arms? LoL, another attic homesteader by chance? Perhaps its one of chaoui’s kits, who wanted to find out of chaoui’s childhood stories were real or wildly made up? Pretty cool blessing if you ask me….but Im quirkly that way rotflmbo. Can’t wait for the Chronicles of Coonee!!!!
    Deb in TX

    Deb, since inquiring minds will want to know how we got her and if she’s a Chaoui offspring, I decided to add that little paragraph to the post. So now you have to go back and read it! No, I don’t think she’s a Chaoui baby, but some of my friends teased me last winter about what I was going to do when the “grand coons” came to visit!!! I thought it would be so cool if Chaoui would bring her babies to visit and get an Oreo from Grandma!!!

  2. CooNee is a great name. She is precious. Can’t wait to meet her. Sounds like her claws will make you stand up and take notice. She will be bad to the bone(in a good way).

  3. Love the name, love the photos.My husband used to have wild animal pets as a child–crows, raccoons, groundhogs, even a fox and a squirrel, I think. He would understand your love for this little one.

  4. Now we know why we haven’t seen a new post for a few days. I was beginning to think you had “partied Hearty” at the reception, but seems you had your hands full with the new “Grand coon”. I love that last photo! Congrats Grandmere Wendy.

    “Grandmere”? Hmmmm. I really like the sound of that, Steffi! Yes, she’s had us busy, but I’ve been busy absorbing the wedding/reception and then going over the things I wish I could change, but cannot and trying to decide how long I want to be “put out” with certain people over stupid things they did . . . . . hey when we going fishing in that new boat, huh?

  5. I don’t know if I can go through losing another one! But as all Mom’s know, they have to let go at some point. The name is great. Remember to protect all your computer wires! Such a sweet, innocent face.

    Yikes! Thanks for the reminder about the wires . . . and my shoes, and my quilts, and my chairs, and my this and my that. I chose not to remember any of that when I said YES to this baby!

  6. The shoe is what reminded me about all the other goodies. Wonder if Coonee will want to sleep on your pillow and above your head?

  7. Grandmere………..not yet. CooNee will serve quite nicely, I think. Guard the quilts! All Mom’s forget the pain of raising the “kids”. It’s why we do it, without a doubt.

  8. Hey…It’s killing me to see another baby. Makes me miss Rocky all the more. Of course, I was lucky to have him for two years, longer than I’ve ever kept any of them, except for Roscoe, who we raised in a big pen–and he lived to be about twelve years old. But I always regretted that, and that is why all the rest were raised and let go. And Rocky stuck around for a long time. Best of luck, and I want another one some day.


  9. Everyone, Gordon has been called “queer for coons” by his loving wife. Gordon took Chaoui’s 2 siblings last summer and let them go on his land. They were too hard to tame because they bonded to each other, rather than to him. Ok, G, I’ll remember you this time next year if we have another littler to farm out!

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  11. i found a baby raccoon he seems to be abandoned he is walking and starting to wonder from his original rest place he is sleeping in a pile of leaves He is starting to walk around a little and he has fur and is friendly and comes up to you. iv’e called places to c what i should do do u have any tips

    1. Hi Karen. First off, please make sure it does not bite you. If it fell out of the nest up in a tree, it most likely needs to be fed a bottle. If it is that tiny, go to pet store and buy kitten milk replacement, mix accordingly, and feed to the coon in a baby bottle with the hole made a little bigger in the nipple.
      If it is “weaned” it will eat cat food. If you care to keep it around, then feed it. If not, then set up a trap with food in it (they like cookies, too) and once it’s trapped, you can take it to a more wooded area. It is survival of the fittest, you know, and most folks consider coons a real nuisance. Good luck, and email me if you have more questions.

  12. I raised a young male coon when I lived in Montegut, La. and was in Terrebonne High School. My coon was named Beauregard. I slept in a four-poster bed, and he used to go up to the top of one of the posts, wait until I was almost asleep, then slide down the post and jump on me. I loved Beauregard.

    1. Hi Jaime! Thanks so much for taking the time to read a little post here and leave a comment. Raising a coon has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far (even though the experience was short both times). Aren’t they just the coolest creature ever? I know they can be vicious and steal your chickens and stuff, but domesticated, even for a while, they are just fascinating. And I love your story!!!! I can just picture that. They are craft little things, aren’t they?