Fall Fish Tales — 11 Comments

  1. Love the videos. That first one made me actually feel the mist of the water as the boat cut thru it. And the smell of the bayou is something I still remember from out trips thru LA when I was about 11 or 12. Can’t believe how big Termite has gotten. You are truly blessed with your boys.

    If you fry up some of that fish, eat a bit for me. I have been craving some good, home caught, home cooked fish for several months. We went to visit family in east Texas yesterday that always have fresh fish in the freezer. Unfortunately, we just missed them. The fishermans wife freezes the fresh, cleaned fish in fish fry amounts in plastic buckets filled with fresh water. Never any freezer burn and always taste fresh caught.

  2. Pinfish are plentiful on the boardwalk and nail clippers aint screwdrivers. Cattle egrets make good pets but not snowys.

  3. What a neat post. I’ve heard a lot of grumping among fishermen over here about high water, a significant trout absence, etc. etc. But, it seems as though things are beginning to settle, and cooler weather’s on the way.

    Here’s something that will tickle you. I had to make use of the computers at the Malvern, Arkansas library at the beginning of my trip. (My laptop wouldn’t connect to wifi. I finally sorted the problem, but it wasn’t exactly mine. No one’s computer running Vista is going to connect the certain hotel wifi setups.) Anyway. At the Malvern library, you can check out rods and reels for a week. If you don’t get them back on time, there is a dollar fine per day, but still — what a deal. I just laughed at laughed. I’ve never seen such a thing, but apparently it’s common in at least parts of Arkansas. There were posters on the wall.

    That is a Blu comment. I nearly died myself. Are we sure he hasn’t come back?

    • Oh, now, this is definitely a new one on me. I’ll have to ask my cousin who lives near Rogers if her library does the same. I guess it’s because of all the great stream and lake fishing up there. Do you know if they loan out fly rods, too? Or just regular? Doesn’t matter, as this is an absolutely novel idea. Thanks for sharing this very entertaining tidbit!!!

      Oh, and the Blufloyd comment is spot on for his old antics . . . . and just a little ghostly . . . .

    • Jeri, I’m sorry to hear you mention fishing in the past tense. It’s so therapeutic for me. It’s not actually the fishing, as much as it is just being out on the water, out in nature, listening, observing. While I was broken down, so many boats went by me–the drivers not even looking right or left at the sights. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that I’m behind the wheel and need to pay attention to where I’m going. I’m sure folks around here think I’m strange, because I can often be seen with my camera in one hand taking photos, while I steer at idle speed! I’ve also been known to have a rod in one hand and my camera in the other. I just don’t know how not to enjoy everything around me while I’m out there. You are welcome for the memories, and I hope they are fond ones and don’t make you sad. BW

      • Hubby just doesn’t get that being on the water is therapeutic for me also. If he hasn’t caught a fish within 30 minutes, he’s ready to pack it in. I think fish in the box is a bonus for having had a full day being on the water.
        So glad you were able to get out there with your family. Did y’all have a “fry”?

        • Fishing for men is kind of like shopping. Go, find it, get out. Same with a fishing spot. Stop, cast a few times, move on. I’d rather be like the tortoise than the hare while fishing. So, I get it! We didn’t have a fry, because after all the fish were cleaned, bagged, and parceled out between us, the boys had to launch the mudboat, cut rozos, and go build a duck blind. By the time they got back, it was just too late! You now what else brings me great joy? The two days I fished alone and only caught a few fish, I found someone fishing on the bank and asked them if they wanted a few fresh fish, and that just makes people SO happy when you share the bounty with them. I mean, part of it is because I just enjoy being out there but I must confess that cleaning two fish isn’t really worth the time and effort, so I’m happy to share!!

          • Hubby is bringing me fishing Tuesday! Either to DeCade or Point-aux-Chene.
            Any bait recommendations? I’d like to catch fish, but I’ll be happy just being on the water!

            • The trout we’ve caught have been on a shiny white colored Vortex plastic bait, but any clear, white, shiny plastic with a yellow tail on a plain gray jighead should work fine!! Good luck!

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