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  1. Oh my hubby would go nuts with those trout. He loves it. Christmas this year is not going too great. I’m scheduled for surgery at 7:30 am tomorrow and my daughter has been in two hospitals in 10 days. She overdoes it and her blood pressure soars then drops in minutes to a level that causes her to pass out. They did discover she has Crohns Disease. Hopefully she will quit burning the candle at both ends like a lady on here does. Or has been doing??? I do hope all is well with you.
    I have no gifts for the kids at all, no menu, nothing but some cookie dough. Santa might be coming to town but, it’s going to be quiet here. Hopefully we will all be okay by the New Year.

    Now, fry some of that trout up and eat it for me since I can’t have fried foods any longer. 🙂

    • Actually, I’ve been pacing myself since the bird project ended in July. Sorry to hear about surgeries and hospital stays. Hopefully, as you say, all will be well in the New Year. You have enough family to fill in the gaps for you during Christmas festivities so that you can enjoy, and they can carry on traditions for you! Not sure what we’re doing, either, but we will do something. Merry Christmas anyway!!!

  2. Wow! What a great trip you had. Glad you got in some good fishing and some food for awhile! I hope you get another chance and a new rod!

  3. Well needless to say, I’m jealous! Nuff said, I’ll move on.
    Christmas will be here with all my children, their spouses, 10 grandchildren, my dad, my brother and sister-in-law and 2 friends.
    A house full! We’ll be feasting on Turkey and Andouille Gumbo, potato salad, homemade bread/rolls, and a variety of desserts.
    Last year was the second time (since 1979) that I’ve made gumbo for Christmas and it went so well I decided to make it a new tradition. I save my smoked turkey breast carcasses throughout the year for Gumbo.
    Hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas!

    • AHHHH Steffi, I’m jealous. I would love some gumbo. Going to be months before I can have it though. I always make tamales for Christmas but,DR told me today NO WAY! I think my kids are going to come here and do a sandwich buffet. I used to do it but, started going to their homes to visit so the kids could be in their home for Christmas.

      Sounds like all are going to have a great day. Wendy, keep pacing yourself. Please don’t overdo it and you have a fantastic holiday spoiling those babes.

      • I made a big pot of chicken/andouille gumbo yesterday because the temp dropped to low 40s, which is cold, cold her with a north wind. Man, it hit the spot!!!

    • I know you’re jealous. I feel for ya! I’m hoping to get my boat out soon and start scouting Lake Decade. have not yet had a trout report from there, but that is the easiest trip for me to make alone. Lord knows, I don’t need trout for the freezer now, but I can certainly bless some widows and folks! Oh, your idea of turkey and andouille gumbo gave me an envie for some so I made a big pot of chicken/andouille yesterday! Man, it was so so good. Gumbo made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass is a traditional idea to begin with, so it makes since that it become a Christmas tradition at your house! Not sure what we’re doing for Christmas since the boys will all be out at work, but I know I have Gingerbread Bayou People to bake, pralines to make, sweet potatoes to bake, and Satsuma marmalade to also conquer very soon! Later gator!

  4. I live in Los Angeles. Louisiana weighs heavy on my heart at this time of the year. I try to keep up as many of the old ways as possible. Looking forward to making oyster dressing and shrimp gumbo for Christmas dinner. Make pralines for friends and family. Getting pretty pricey as COSTCO is my pecan tree. Happy holidays to all. Love this site.

    • Welcome to this bayou, Dottie! Well, while La. weighs heavy on your heart, I hope finding this site has helped lift the heaviness a wee bit! So happy to have you here and to remind you of home. Nothing more south La. original than pecan pralines, oyster dressing, and shrimp gumbo!! If you were closer, I would have shared my pecans with you in return for a few pralines! Maybe next year? Stay in touch, friend! BW

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