Fiesta de Mama de Cinco

So, when you live in South Louisiana and you want to eat something other than regional cuisine and you don’t have the pesos to dine out, what do you do?

If you’re as fortunate as I am, you have a lovely Dotter who offers to cook a meal that you just might pay good money to go out and eat.  In this case, we decided on Mexican.

And Dotter proclaimed this Mother’s Day celebration as the Fiesta of the Mother of Five!  Isn’t she just the greatest?

But first, I must back up to Saturday, the day before.  I did mechanic work on the Honda engine on the back of the old pontoon boat all afternoon Saturday.  After locating a blown fuse, thanks to Handy Friend and my Honda manual, and replacing it, I was able to get the engine running again.

While I was doing that, Termite (the last of the cinco) was down the bayou beating the boats for fresh shrimp . . .

to prepare for a surprise supper for us.

He did a great job boiling these shrimp and making a special dip to go with them.  They were delicious!

And then, on the morning of Mother’s Day, my little future chef got up early and cooked French toast for breakfast.  I’m liking this Mother’s Day stuff!

Sunday evening, Dotter and MuzicMan prepared the Feast of the Mother of Five.

Everything was homemade, including her delicious salsa and MuzicMan’s guacamole dip

Except for the chips, which are some really thin ones that Dotter found at Wal Mart.  I won’t ever buy any other kind if I can find these again.

Just as good as restaurant chips, maybe even better than some!

Along with our beans and homemade Spanish rice, we had a trio of enchiladas.

Chicken enchiladas with green sauce.

And then some with beef and some with just cheese with red chili sauce.  They were all very, very good!  I stuffed myself.

And then there was this tangy stuff to drink!

After watching the recorded episode of “Swamp People”, we had for dessert . . .

a lovely carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting.  Mmmmm.  It was delicious, too.

Years ago, Dotter wrote me a Mother’s Day letter, which has become a tradition.  I now look forward to her letter more than I do the gift.  Her words are an encouraging and reassuring balm to me.

But the gifts aren’t too shabby, either.  Here is the back side of this one.

Dotter says it’s a new color called “greige” that goes with either brown or black.  She bought a handbag that she really loved in hopes that I would not like it and then she would pretend to return it but would keep it for herself!!!  But, I love it and can’t wait to step up to the modern world of baggy handbags!

My two adult sons were both working on their tugboats somewhere and did not get to join us.  I miss them and hope I get to see them both again really soon.

So to all my family:  Thank you all so very much for making being a mom such a wonderful job.  I love you bunches!

Now, it’s your turn to tell me what you did yesterday.  I hope all of you who are mother’s got to have even an ounce of the joy I had yesterday, and your cup would have been running over.

Next post, a very positive fishing report, I hope!


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  1. What a treat to come in and find your new post. I must say, you’re right up there on the spoiled-by-kids Mothers’ Day scale! And the food looks wonderful. I’m a great fan of Mexican myself, although seafood still tops the list.

    We had a nice day here, although quiet – to be expected when Mama’s 93 and past her hootin’ and hollerin’ days. We had a late salad brunch (chicken salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, etc) and hot rolls – but for desert? Strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, chocolate dipped strawberries… I found a local market selling the end of the home grown crop and they were wonderful.

    I heard the most amazing thing this weekend. We’re so drought stricken the salinity of the water is shooting sky high, and they’re catching trout and reds all the way up the canals to Alvin. I don’t even know how many miles inland that is, but it’s a bunch. Way north of the ICW. We sure could use some of that fresh water coming down the rivers – but we’ll take ours as rain, thank you. 😉

    I watched some of the Bonnet Carre opening this morning on the Corps’ live video stream. Amazing.
    I’m still thinking about your previous post and absolutely agree – it’s time to get EVERYONE who has a stake in Louisiana involved in the wetlands. The problem is that so many folks who don’t fish or watch birds think it doesn’t matter to them – and it does.

    1. As always, your astute observations and comments are much appreciated here, Linda. How do we get them to realize it DOES matter to them? That is what I continue to work on . . . .

  2. Here’s something you should have in your files if you don’t – it’s the easiest site to use that I’ve found. You can search for water levels by District and Basin. For example, you could go to the New Orleans District on the home page menu (upper left hand) and then choose, for example, the Barataria basin.

    And here’s the latest on the inundation maps from

    1. Well, in the past, I never really had a reason to get up to the minute water levels. I could just look out at the bayou as my gauge 🙂 However, a river gauge under these circumstance may prove helpful! The article you reference links to the same map that I linked on here earlier–flood inundation map the ACOE released Friday.

  3. Mother’s Day was very quiet around here. All 3 of my kids were working. The daughters and son-in-law spent the day with thier moms. My children did manage to call though…in birth order within 45 minutes of each other. My daughter couldn’t believe her brothers had beat her call. (It is unusual).
    I got something from daughter that you’d like to have. I’ve been wanting one for a long time (so long, the price went up $25). Anyway it’s a combination Mothers day and birthday gift. I might add she had ulterior motives too. She already wants to borrow it! Got to go to the seafood market before I can try this thing out. Oh yeah, go to to see it. BTW, the inventer lives in Houma.

  4. I had leftover chips and salsa and enchiladas last night, and it was even better than on Sunday! I put a little light sour cream atop the enchiladas to mellow out that dumb red sauce, and they were much more tasty. And the salsa is just flat GOOD. I hope Mike remembered to bring yours this morning, otherwise, well… the salsa gremlin might strike. I am so glad you enjoyed your Mother’s Day festivities! And as for the purse, you know me too well! And Ross has those little in-purse organizer things, but they were all leopard print with peace sign zippers. I didn’t know it that would be your thing. 😉

  5. OK french toast nice reminds me I need to work on that.
    I had to say farewell to strawberries, tummy revolts.

    95 degrees today here. whoa….

  6. You had a wonderful Mothers Day and meal it sounds like.

    I like to bbq, grill or smoke a lot of items about 3 or 4 times a year and put it in the freezer. So, I chose Sunday as one of those days. I think I cooked about everything but the kitchen sink. We had a great dinner of all grilled items from squash & potatos to different choices of meats. And, I put 9 packages in the freezer to use when I am re-cooperating from my leg surgery that is in a couple of weeks.

    Tomorrow is normally our “Red Lobster” day but, we both will be too tired when we get home so, I put a stew in the crockpot. We will celebrate that 44th anniversary this weekend I hope.

    Glad you had a wonderful day.

  7. I love the purse! Very cute. Mothers Day was very quite around our house, the kids were at the lake visiting with cousins and I went to church and then just rested the whole day. Dinner looked amazing!

  8. Greeting from a blogger in Central Louisiana. I was surfing, looking for news on the flooding. Hope that you all are doing well and that the water leaves you safe and dry.

    1. Welcome to the bayou, Pawpaw!! A Mexican themed Mother’s Day post is not the common theme here, but if you backed up one post, you would read some comments about the coming water. I hope all is high and dry where you are! Please come back and visit often and bring your friends!!! BW

  9. We’re thinking of you over here. From the maps it seems your house and the camp will be ok, but you might be flooded in.

    Been reading the Courier but haven’t seen anything specific. Let us here a word when you get a chance.

    1. This was before you and I talked via phone. I am going to bring my boat down to new house and will park vehicles, mower, and boat on slab, which is about four feet above sea level. In order for the engine on my boat to go under the water would have to be 8 feet deep, and I don’t think that is going to happen. We are going to bring the generator down here and stock up on fuel, water, canned goods, box fan, batteries just in case. And then if we have to go somewhere, we can just use the boat!!! Thanks for checking on us!

  10. Hey I want a carrot cake recipe.

    Record lows here Sunday. Crappie won’t like it.

    Wacked the snot out of bluegill this am best day ever I think.

    Stay dry. I heard M_D id down this weekend.