CONTEST: Find the Matching Blog!


Aren’t they cute?


We chowed down on some really good bayou cooking, and then stuffed every available empty spot with amaretto biscotti torte, which my daughter brought. She didn’t get the memo that I had all the fixings for strawberry shortcake, so we ate her delicious torte. Now I have to force myself NOT to eat 6 servings of shortcake, since I must fit into my “Mother of the Bride Dress” on Saturday.

So, here’s the contest. It should keep you busy for a little while, and I really hope you enjoy the challenge.

Below are three photos taken from previous posts somewhere in the Bayou Woman blog.

Look at them, study them, save them to your computer, enlarge them, look at them under a microscope–do anything you want with them. And after you’ve finished studying them, tell me which blog each one came from. Please type them in by number, and then the EXACT blog title that the photo appeared in.

WARNING: One of them is a little tricky.

Here is a sneak peak of the prize you are playing for:

Ok, here are the photos:




Now remember, you have to type the EXACT blog title, ok?

RULES: The person who submits all 3 titles correctly FIRST is the WINNER!

On your mark, get set, SEARCH!!!!!

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  1. #1….Gingerbread Bayou People

    #2….We got our fix

    #3….That top secret project is looking better and better…

  2. No, fair! I didn’t even get a chance to try! BigSis, if you don’t want the prize, can I have it? I’ll be seeing you Saturday!!!

  3. Yes, I apologize. My first instinct last night was to exclude all relatives from this contest, since y’all are probably more familiar with this blog than anyone! I’ll just have to come up with another contest quickly and redeem myself with Heidi and the others who are not related!!!


  4. Um……that’s why I didn’t get into the contest to begin with. Congrats Carol. Love the shoes!!