Fished Saturday and again today!

Let’s get something straight, lest you think I’m just goofing off fishing when I should be boxing up and moving. Fishing is work. That’s right. You heard me. Work. When I have people on my boat who expect to catch fish, the pressure is ON.

And why am I fishing so much in this cold weather? It’s because of a unique aspect of the lake closest to Camp Dularge–Lake Decade. Let me explain.. .

The trout come up from the Gulf of Mexico to winter in surrounding estuary waters, and they stack up in Lake Decade during November through January.  Therefore, the ONLY way to perfect fishing this lake in the winter is to be out there doing it as many days during these months that I can.

There’s a lot to learn about patterns of speckled trout and many factors influence where they’ll bite on a given day.

And how many factors could there be, you ask?  The wind direction and speed are always a factor.  The phase of the moon is a factor.  The rising and falling of the tide is a factor.  Whether or not a front has come through recently is a factor, as well as water temperature.  And one last thing with trout?  Water clarity.

Oh, and let’s not forget baits and fishing methods.  We fish with plastic baits–sometimes under a popping cork and sometimes without one, on the bottom, employing a slow retrieve.

Once in the lake, I determine the wind direction on my face and position the boat with the wind at our backs.  That way, we can cast with the wind, unimpeded.


And when everything lines up just right, we can catch limits of these in a couple hours.  Saturday, I was invited to fish with a few friends, but it didn’t work out for me to leave as early as they did due to parental responsibilities!! Later, I struck out on my own.  My catch in two hours was 15 keeper trout and a nice redfish.  Not too shabby.

Today was more of a challenge, and I ended up with a little more than a dozen.  But I also caught four too small to keep, and two reds too small to keep.  It was still a great day on the water, though the wind was rocking and rolling us pretty good.

And sometimes, the strangest things show up on that lake.


Like this seaplane.  And what do you think he was doing?



He was fishing.  If you look way over to the right edge of the photo, midways down from the top, you will see his orange bobber.  Isn’t that a hoot?  And when the fish stopped biting there, he pulled up anchor and lifted off and flew a couple hundred yards to another spot.  I thought it was pretty cool, actually!

It’s supposed to rain for the next couple days. That means I’ll be able to pack and move a few things back down the bayou. Hopefully, after the cold front moves through, the water will be clear, the temp. will be right, and the fish will be biting for something special that’s coming up Friday.

One of my readers just might accompany me on a fishing trip that will be on TV!!!  Who might that be?  Care to take a guess.

Fishing and moving,


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  1. Are those sea foam green ‘toons on the plane? TV will rot your brain.
    Remember not to set the hook til the director tells you the diver is clear.

    Have fun. What time is ‘make_up’?

  2. Kind of makes sense fishing for “Spotted Seatrout” from a “Seaplane”. Did the plane scatter the trout?

  3. I’ll go fishing with you! Of course, I’ll need make-up, I’m not quite a natural kind of girl lol. I also get bored easily so fishing requires a book and a big pack of sunflower seeds. But I’ve been on the lake since I was 3 weeks old so I do know my way around a lure.

  4. Steffi – I wasn’t fishing near the plane, but one of my buddies was and he said it spooked them. I don’t think it would be any worse than an outboard underwater spooking them?

    I’m really sorry you can’t come Friday. It’s okay, though!

  5. Oh my goodness – the ultimate in “imaginative fishing” from an airplane! Only in the Bayous! 🙂 And I repeat my previous query — what time is dinner? 🙂

    I truly do not know what I did before having your wonderful blog to read regularly. I feel as though not only am I learning, but you are giving me priceless glimpses into lives and a culture so different than what I am experiencing in the mountains. BW, I thank you for this gift, and I want to make sure you know how very much, how very truly, how deeply I appreciate the effort you put into “painting your world” through stories, words, and photos.

    In a significant way, you are making such a difference.

    I appreciate YOU, and I Love you, Cher!!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!!

  6. I don’t even think I saw anyone fishing like that in Alaska (from a sea plane) and I saw plenty of sea planes!

    1. Well, Emilie, I seriously WANT you to come fishing with me some day. Tomorrow would be good, as I only have one woman to go on this TV shoot for an outdoor show! Can you make it? LOL!