Fished Saturday and again today! — 14 Comments

  1. Are those sea foam green ‘toons on the plane? TV will rot your brain.
    Remember not to set the hook til the director tells you the diver is clear.

    Have fun. What time is ‘make_up’?

  2. I’ll go fishing with you! Of course, I’ll need make-up, I’m not quite a natural kind of girl lol. I also get bored easily so fishing requires a book and a big pack of sunflower seeds. But I’ve been on the lake since I was 3 weeks old so I do know my way around a lure.

  3. Steffi – I wasn’t fishing near the plane, but one of my buddies was and he said it spooked them. I don’t think it would be any worse than an outboard underwater spooking them?

    I’m really sorry you can’t come Friday. It’s okay, though!

  4. Oh my goodness – the ultimate in “imaginative fishing” from an airplane! Only in the Bayous! 🙂 And I repeat my previous query — what time is dinner? 🙂

    I truly do not know what I did before having your wonderful blog to read regularly. I feel as though not only am I learning, but you are giving me priceless glimpses into lives and a culture so different than what I am experiencing in the mountains. BW, I thank you for this gift, and I want to make sure you know how very much, how very truly, how deeply I appreciate the effort you put into “painting your world” through stories, words, and photos.

    In a significant way, you are making such a difference.

    I appreciate YOU, and I Love you, Cher!!! 🙂 Merry Christmas!!!!

    • Well, Emilie, I seriously WANT you to come fishing with me some day. Tomorrow would be good, as I only have one woman to go on this TV shoot for an outdoor show! Can you make it? LOL!

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