Fishy things! — 6 Comments

  1. Good sized eye. I’d like to know how big the rest of him was. I wouldn’t mind catching your one eyed Speck (IF I EVER MAKE IT BACK DOWN THERE!). I cut the heads off anyway. So it wouldn’t bother me one bit. I don’t want them “Looking” at me when I eat them!

  2. Woot! Thank ye, thank ye…. Never had me one of dem fancy store bought measuring scoops before. Day come wit distructions?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Pie and coffee just sorta go together anyways.

  3. Could of meat hauled at the 4th row but was hauling my sick Vue home.

    Saturday was multi species day. Ribbons, Mangrove snapper, whiting, reds, and trout. Flounder got off.

    Choup camp needs a scoop. I might have to go shopping.

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