Fishy things!

There were several title options for the post.  And there are so many things I’d like to include, or should I break things up and spread things out over time?

First off, I owe somebody an engraved Community Coffee Scoop.  Since there was no real winner of the on-the-sly-comment-contest I ran last week, I guess I’ll have to do a random drawing.  Or just point to the screen and see whose name it lands on.  I’ll do that.  BRB.

FOAM HEART!!!  Goldie!  You won a scoop!  Please email me your mailing address, and I’ll get that off to you right away!

Now, on with the post.

Fish, fish and more fish.  It was a very fishy weekend.  First off, I was supposed to have a somewhat high-pressure charter Saturday that never materialized.  Then I was supposed to have a more low-key chater, which never came together.  But I knew, I just felt it in my old fishing bones that Saturday was going to be a good day.  Three days before the full moon.  Falling tide.  Cool at night, warmer in the day.  E to SE winds blowing across my favorite lake.

Maybe, just maybe the trout are going to show up in great numbers and be HUNGRY!

But before I give that report, I need to back up a few weeks.  I’m not sure how I failed to post this.  RendRed and LilSis came down a couple weeks ago.  I took him fishing, and I think we caught about 20 trout.  That’s just an okay trip, considering a meat haul is 25 per person–I mean the limit.

But somewhere out there in the marshes of Terrebonne Parish is a one-eyed trout.  How, you might ask, would I know that?

Well, there we were, hauling in the trout, one after the other, when I hooked one and as I was reeling it in, it “spit” the hook. I really hate when that happens, but it does happen if the hook is not set good in the lip.

But when I reeled the empty hook in, it had something on it.  Something very strange.  Not grass.  Not seaweed.  What is that thing?

Ewwww.  Gross.  I think it’s a trout eyeball.

It is a trout eyeball.  I am so sorry for maiming that poor trout.  I can’t tell you how badly I felt.  Until Brad made a game out of it, that is.  The challenge? Let’ see who can catch the One-eyed Trout!

Okay, folks, lighten up.  We just have to laugh, lest we cry.  I just hope it survived.   I’m sorry, very very sorry, little trout.

Fishing extravaganza to be continued!

Oh, and Blufloyd was down at the Fourchon.  I didn’t see him, but heard he caught a bunch of fish.  Blu?  Would you like to do a guest post, with pics?



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  1. Good sized eye. I’d like to know how big the rest of him was. I wouldn’t mind catching your one eyed Speck (IF I EVER MAKE IT BACK DOWN THERE!). I cut the heads off anyway. So it wouldn’t bother me one bit. I don’t want them “Looking” at me when I eat them!

  2. Woot! Thank ye, thank ye…. Never had me one of dem fancy store bought measuring scoops before. Day come wit distructions?

    Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Pie and coffee just sorta go together anyways.

  3. Could of meat hauled at the 4th row but was hauling my sick Vue home.

    Saturday was multi species day. Ribbons, Mangrove snapper, whiting, reds, and trout. Flounder got off.

    Choup camp needs a scoop. I might have to go shopping.