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  1. Thank you for putting the thoughts and reflections of so many of us into words.
    Memories are what we hold dear when those we care so much for are not near enough or are too busy or think they are “too old” to be hugged or given a kiss on the cheek.
    My children will always be my babies and their children also.
    Rich, poor, happy, sad, threaten them or hug them, what makes a true family is all those special times that stay in your memory.
    So, reflect, remember and continue to say Thank You to a higher power for such a wonderful life. And when they say that magical word “Mom” with love in their voice, you know you have it all.

  2. Guess that hits all the buttons. I was a termite once. Ran pretty much wilder than any kids my age and still got chores done and eggs sold. Learned to duck the older sisters and out shoot the older brothers. Never didn’t have anything I wanted and learned early what trouble was. I under achieve by design. Guess I don’t whine enough for disability, back has been issue for 50 plus years.

    Some people need to have kids, I just need more fiber in my diet.

    Time to shred some more Republican Central Committee letters….

    Is flounder the metaphor for what we do?

    Cheer up.

  3. Too bad more mothers don’t share a similar sentiment. I suspect the world would be a more interesting, enjoyable, peaceful, and sustainable place to live. But unfortunately some women that should become mothers can’t, don’t, or won’t; and some that are, shouldn’t be. Wish more people had the wisdom to know the difference. Always felt that motherhood has been viewed too much as a right in modern history instead of the privilege you so eloquently describe it to be.

  4. What a tribute to you and your children. You have done so much with what some people would consider so little. I know how difficult it has sometimes been. Even now I marvel at your equanimity in the face of so many challenges.

    By the way, Blu. A gentle scolding – your comment about not “whining enough for disability” makes it seem as though The Captain’s disability is a sham or a scam. Please know that is entirely not the case. He, more than anybody, would not wish his disability on another soul, and would gladly trade it for back trouble.


  5. What a moving and great tribute to you and your family! Thank you for sharing, Wendy. There are not very many women out there like you, and you serve as an inspiration for this working mom trying to keep all of the juggling balls up in the air.

  6. “No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there’s a wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. This is sick…” -Erma Bombeck

    THANK YOU for being a mom who understands that there are more important things in life than making your bed… Like learning to love and respect special people by going for beignets at TARC (with baby Daniel in the high chair in his blue Winnie the Pooh pajamas!), like giving a homeless man corn dogs and red Kool-Aid for lunch at the park, like boxing up forgotten toys and driving around until we find a family who could use some new toys at Christmastime, like helping an elderly man clean up fallen branches in his yard while waiting in line for ice after Hurricane Andrew… so many things that I can look back at and vividly remember! Thank you for investing in us and giving us those memories! (And for finally giving up on making us make our beds, although maybe I’m the only one who hated it so passionately!)

    I have so many, many more memories that I could post here, but I’ll save it for MY blog! (Coming soon! Shamless plug… sorry, Mommer!)

    I love you very much! (And I liked the Little House series!)

    • “They’ve fallen off bicycles, broken teeth, and flown out of go-carts, hiding skinned knees from Mom. They’ve hunted and fished, knee boarded, and marched in a parade. They’ve made their own zip-line and run their 3-year-old brother down it, giving Mom heart palpitations…”

      Oh, how this made me laugh! And all of it completely true!

      And yes, we did hide some bickering from you… were we the only kids who would barter with each other to avoid more trouble? As in, “I’ll let you hit me back twice if you don’t tell mom!” *LOL*

  7. Sounds like my kids could function in your house and yours in mine without any issue. I just don’t tolerate the whining or the bickering. I’ve had clients tell their unruley children that I would spank them if they didn’t mind and I’ve ofter replied back, “no honey I won’t spank you I will spank Mommy for letting you act like that”. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sometimes words reach out across the world and touch others. I guess you may be writing the Little House on the Prairie Series that my daughter will be reading to my grandchildren.

    You are a very special wife and Mother and I am so proud you shared your philosophy of raising children.

    Diane’s words touched my heart because some of us who are women have missed the opportunity to be the kind of Mother you have been to five precious children.

    I love Mrs Croach’s response:

    Offering to spank Mommy! Every time I go to the store I see Mommy’s who need to be spanked or helped because they definitely cannot deal with being Mothers.

    I am struggling with how to save your family and Bayou Dularge.

    I truly believe the people of Louisiana need your voice and expertise to save our entire coast. But I think we must deal with helping your family first and finding a way to build not only a new home but a structure from which you cannot only be caregiver but also give lessons on wetlands, our native American methods of basket weaving, netmaking and all the traditional things your in-laws have taught you.

    We need you teach fishing and duck hunting to a new generation of young people and women.

    I want your three acres to have a home and educational site that will be there for your grandchildren….

    But perhaps I am selfish because what I really want is for the people of Louisiana and visitors from around the world to continue to live on this land that belonged to native Americans long before corporations from other states came for the cypress and furs.

    and I cannot give up that dream.

    I think you need to self-publish the first year of this online journal the way Chris Rose self-published One Dead in the Attic.

    Another idea I have for you, Wendy.. . Why don’t you ask the Courier to pay you for a weekly column with photos?

    Goodnight and may God be with us all as we struggle to find our way out of the last four years of Katrina-Rita-Gustav-Ike into the future Louisiana and the Gulf Coast deserves.

    • I want all of you to know that Lillian Miller is the niece of the legendary “Alligator Annie” who started the first swamp tours in the Houma, LA area back in 1979 (I think it was). She was a conservationist and a wetland advocate long before my time. I could only dream of doing the good that Annie and Lillian have done in their combined years for coastal Louisiana and its peoples.

      Thank you for your kind words and all your help, Lily. The Courier might take the suggestion from you, since you have such a good reputation in the industry, but I’m not sure they’d take it from me! Thanks for the idea, though!

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  10. Du’ing homework. Reading John Besh’s My New Orleans The Cookbook.

    Guessing if your somewhere ain’t there but you stop in here. Y’all ought to head to Barnes and grab a copy. Piggies, cattle, and fish.

    Back to irregularly scheduled stuff.

    Hey Termite got the duck call out yet?

  11. Hi Wendy, love your blog. So glad you caught the flounder. I hate to go fishing and come back with an empty ice chest.. Loved reading about your family.

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