Foiled Plans at Camp Dularge — 7 Comments

  1. They didn’t need a welder. Everybody knows “Duct Tape” can fix anything! We keep a large supply in various colors to make our repairs. LOL

  2. Oh man! Don’t things like this make ya bananas sometimes? Of course with what you’ve had to deal with you probably don’t let yourself get worked up too much, huh? It’s just not worth it. Hang in there.
    I agree with Steffi. Duct tape fixes everything. Doesn’t it? That’s how I was raised.

  3. Dang It!!! There is nothing more frustraiting to a hard working feller, than a busted bucket – or tool! LOL. If we lived closer, my boys would have been over in a heartbeat – they are good like that! I will send good thoughts for you back and a couple prayers too!! LOL

  4. I feel like I am watching the middle of a much anticipated TV mini series! One thing after another! 🙂

    How’s the back? Ouch! That would have definitely been a wee bit painful!

  5. I can weld. Seriously. Stop laughing. I would have helped (or hindered) if I lived closer!

    I was just whining that I hadn’t ran my sweeper in days and then read your blog. You make me look like a sloth….I hope MrCoach never reads this blog lol!

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