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Fresh Fig Pie

Terry, one of our readers, is looking for a fig pie recipe. I have not yet made this recipe, but it comes highly recommended from my friend Lynn’s website: Eat Like a Native. This site features real Louisiana cooking by local folks. If you haven’t visited, please feel free. I put out a bulletin over there and this recipe was the result:

Fresh Fig Pie

  • 5 c . peeled figs (cut in half)
  • 1 tbsp cornstarch
  • 7 tbsp sugar
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 6 tbsp butter
  • 10 inch lattice-top pastry
  • 1 tsp . cinnamon or apple spice
  1. Select figs that are ripe and firm. Cut in half.
  2. Place figs in an unbaked 10 inch pastry shell.
  3. Combine cornstarch, sugar and spice; sprinkle over figs. Add lemon juice and dot with butter.
  4. Form lattice top with strips of pastry.
  5. Bake in a 425 degree oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until brown.

 If you make the pie, please let us know how you liked it, ok?


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  1. Too late to try this recipe this year, but the fig and pecan recipe looks good. I’ll try this one pretty soon since it’s made using the preserves.

    Maybe you can post here and Eat Like a Native after you make it, ok? I’ll be posting a recipe and cooking post on Fig Preserve Cake this winter, when the kitchen cools off!

  2. This sounds a lot like what I remembered from the one time I had fig pie. Thanks again for letting me know it had been posted. As soon as I get some more figs I’ll give it a try.

    Sounds good, Terry! You are very welcome!

  3. I just made this and it is really amazing. I never had fresh fig pie before and this is a total success. Perfect consistency, not too runny, not too sweet, just perfect. This could very well replace the old favorite–apple pie!! thanks so much for posting.

  4. Sounds delicious. Is it similar to a pecan pie? I’m just beginning to explore fresh figs. I made some fig jam and incorporated it into some yummy fig bars.

    1. Hi Michael, and welcome to the bayou. Did you see all the fig preserve recipes I offer? I apologize that I personally have not prepared this fig pie; but readers were asking and someone provided! If you try it, please let us know how you liked it! Also, do you have your fig bar recipe on your blog site? Come back any time! BW

      1. I made this pie last year and it was wonderful. I am glad I bookmarked the recipe. Our fig tree is ready and I plan on making another (smaller version) of this pie tonight!
        Thank you!

        1. Oh that’s great! I’m glad you liked it so much that you bookmarked and are making again! Where are you that your fig tree is just now ready? Welcome back to the bayou, Theresa! BW

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll check out your other recipes and of course I’ll let you know if I try them. I do have my fresh fig bars recipe posted on my blog. Here’s a link if you are interested in trying it next season. http://michaelbeyer.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/fresh-fig-bars/
    If you wouldn’t mind, please post a link to your recipe in the comments section of my fig bar recipe. I’m collecting fig recipes for a friend with a fig tree!

    Best regards,

  6. I have a fig bush (tree) and the bush is producing more than I can eat My husband does not like figs so I am looking for recipes to use them in before they get over ripe. I am going to try a fig pie. I will tell him to try it before I tell him what is in it. Wish me luck.

    1. Oh, you’re mighty brave! Did you make several kinds of preserves with the figs? They make great holiday gifts!!! People love getting home made gifts, by the way. Good luck on that fig pie!! I hope he loves it! BW