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    • Oh, fantastic! I would be happy for you to try this and come back and let us know how your gang liked it. If you have questions, I might not be able to answer them immediately, but post here and I’ll check back once a day! (sometimes more if I’m at my desk) Happy Pie Making!

  1. I like a denser pumpkin pie, so I’d reduce the eggs and milk myself. And don’t forget – if you roast or cook up even more extra pumpkin, you can make pumpkin soup. It’s one of my very favorites – I have some in the fridge right now, and intend to have it for lunch. 😉

    Oh – if you ever need a piecrust making machine, I’m it. I use grandma’s method (1 c. flour, dash salt, 1/3 c. Crisco and ice water as needed) and just roll. (So to speak!) Now I’m hungry for pie!

  2. As you know, I’m not much of a baker. I passed that duty off to my daughter. She makes the pies forour holiday meals.
    I’ve never had pumpkin soup. BTW, I would NEVER take a photo of the inside of my oven. I dislike cleaning it almost as much as I dislike eating Liver! LOL
    Off to Ms. till Tues. We SHOULD finish up the plumbing tomorrow.

  3. We never raised pumpkins in the fall garden. I can understand the farmer’s nature to automatically save the seeds vice toasting them though. I have an entire freezer door full of small plastic bottles and Ziplocs full of seeds. LOL… I am sure most are way past their rejuvenation possibilities now.

    The times I attempted fresh pies I roasted the meat in the oven after coating them with oil which makes a small difference in the taste, color, and density of the finished meat. There is something about cooking fresh foods, the “olden” way that is just satisfying, even if we cheat a little.

    I want to learn how to consistently make those Pillsbury cook-off flakey pie crusts. Using Grannie’s recipe I never get two the same, I guess I need to spend more time paying tribute to the pie-crust Gods.

    FYI other gourds and squashes make good pies also. An old neighbor made a killer butternut squash pie. She also showed me about crumpling a couple of old pralines on top of the finished pie, (Like anyone ever has old pralines sitting around, LOL) Pralines on pumpkin pie is like peas and carrots, perfect buddies!

    Termite is gonna be a Daddy? Congrats Termite!

    • Whoa whoa wait a minute! Where did anybody say Termite was gonna be a daddy? You got me shakin’ in my consons! Termite is only 16 and he’s a long ways off from taking care of himself, much less a wife and a child, lol!!! But I loved your comment! Shoreacres says she’s a pie-crust making machine. I wonder if her Grannie’s came out like your Grannie’s? Yes, you can substitute butternut squash for pumpkin in this recipe!!! And Dotter has a recipe for pumpkin soup that is both healthful and delicious!!

  4. I did this one time only. I had so much puree left that we got tired of pumpkin pies, muffins, bread, soup and anything else I could think of . I eventually tossed the remainder out. I now use the canned along with store bought pie crusts. I can’t make them either. They either shrink into the pan or are so hard you could use them for a frisbee!

      • Pie crust and gravy are two items that defeat me totally. We eat my gravy with a fork and knife. So, I use packaged.:)

        Oh, if you have some puree left, make pumpkin cookies or bar cookies. Those are really good with a powdered sugar/milk/vanilla glaze. Also, donuts.

        • Oh, I had some of the pumpkin pie filling left over all right – I found it in the frig. last night and almost threw it away and thought, “Oh, wait. I can make muffins.” So I added baking powder and flour and they turned out terrible! Should’ve taken the time to find a cookie or bar recipe and added the right things. The inside never cooked through before the outside was too dark brown. As the kids would say, “EPIC FAIL, MOM!” BUT, I could teach you how to make gravy!

  5. Great job BW,you sure make it look easy and tasty but with all the cooking and shopping I have done in the past year I am not going to test this one,just have to hope some of the local ladies will feel sorry for me and bring me one,I did just start on sourdough bread last Thursday,let you know how it turns out.

  6. I’ve done the fresh pumpkin pie from scratch and it’s a lot of fun. I only used half of the pumpkin for pies and candied the other half. Makes a great side dish for turkey or pork roast.

    Your pies look wonderful! I can almost smell them cooking.

  7. Ok roast the buggers open side up….
    Make your pies denser.

    I am getting a couple pie pumpkins today.

    I try linking a killer low carb pumpkin pancake recipe here.

    Tastes like carrot cake with creamcheese walnut topping.

    Be nice these people here are saving my life a day at a time.

    The last 32 batches of orange spuds from Loozy I bought up here were not aged properly and quite green tasting and odd texture.
    But in order to support the struggle I got 4 more on kitchen floor.

  8. You eat that many sweet potaoes you won’t need to buy any heating oil this year! But you wouldn’t have to worry about a lot of visiters dropping by either.

  9. Ohhhhh, I have a new Cajun pie recipe I am going to tweek, make it a Bayou pie recipe, and then make it for T-day. If it’s good, then I will post it here and y’all can make it for Christmas if you want!

  10. You guys keep eating low fiber diets you’ll be getting colon issues.
    never ever had gas from a sweet potato. And since adding a lot of fiber to my diet do not get gas from beans as a rule either. It isn’t me it s you.

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