Friday 1/2 Day Fishing

You might recall that last Friday, with ice on the boat seats and temps in the high 30’s, five diehard trout fishermen hit Lake Decade in search of the illusive yellow mouths with apparent lockjaw–a very, very difficult species to catch with hook and plastic!

The main purpose of that trip was to film a segment for Ascension Outdoors to be aired January 1, 2009.  However, being the enterprising outdoors person he is, Lyle Johnson combined the fishing trip with gathering information for a magazine article he wanted to write.

Evidently, he was so busy fishing and filming last Friday that he failed to get the still photos that he needed to go along with the article.  Now, any magazine editor worth his salt demands good photos, right?

Woe was Lyle. What must he do?  He must go out of his way and make a trip back down to Lake Decade to get the proper photos . . . and while he’s there, how about a little fishing trip?  Would that be any trouble?

Not a bit.

One week later, after a week of foggy mornings, we got a little morning break from the fog and headed out once again in search of the bait suckers.  We did so even though the conditions were less than ideal for catching,

Lake Decade Sky

but look what a gorgeous morning it was for being on the water.

Lyle J and sky

The conditions might not have been prime for catching, but they sure were conducive to a whole lot of fishing!

We picked around at the speckled trout for a while, boxing some nice ones, but finally gave up the beauty of the lake to the other 40 boats surrounding us so Lyle could go in search of freshwater green trout.

Lyle and Bass

Turns out my guest was a green trout fisherman from way back and had a nice one in no time at all–

Lyle and Bass 2

a well-mastered feat he performed over and over with great skill.


The green trout loved that crawfish bait he was using, which he switched back to after no strikes on a white spinner bait.

The clock approached noon way too soon, but Lyle went home happy with a mess of fish—both freshwater and saltwater species caught within a short boat ride of each other.

Folks, a half-day fishing just doesn’t get much better than that.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Lyle!

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  1. You know we caught the same amount of specs today as we did last Friday. The bass in the first picture had two small crabs in it’s stomach when I cleaned it!

    The gas we bought today; twenty bucks. Price for fillets; at least twenty five bucks per pound. Going home without enough photos; that was in the plan from the start!

    Keep the slack out!!

    1. That is SO TRUE, TB! The two of us caught in a short time as many trout as five of us did all day last Friday!!! Thanks for putting a positive slant on that for me!!! Uh huh, when you saw that “bassy” water, you knew you had to come back. Next time, you can bring your own boat and you won’t need the captain!

  2. It airs NEW YEARS DAY! It will definitely have to be taped to watch later. I’m positive we’ll be watching non- stop football for days around here.

    How long (far) is the boat ride before getting into freshwater species?

  3. After posting my last comment about taping the show, I realized ALL your readers can view the segment on their computer. Ascension Outdoors can be viewed on the website.

    1. Wow, thanks Steffi, now everyone around the whole world can see what a dork I was! I felt like I had syrup in my veins that day–could barely move for some reason. Let’s see, playing human net is going to be a real sight, if they use that footage of my best side!!! When the camera’s rolling, I just forget how to think and talk at the same time.

  4. Loved the part of the Bayou fish being snagged not with a white spinner bait, but with a crawfish! Now, that’s a really good fish tale!!!

  5. Hey Cuz,
    Wonderful pics. as usual BW. I hope I can remember to watch Jan. 1. I don’t know if I even get that channel from Charter where I live. I’ll try Steffi’s suggestion and hope it works. You never stop do you?

  6. Nice greenies. Ya’ll know they do like brackish water, right?
    I busted smallmouth around here with a blue yum craw last summer.

  7. Given my luck with both species, that lmb could be in Kansas and I still would catch it. Pretty safe ice up here after xmas when you coming up?