Friday Adventure!

Today, Termite and I spent about 10 hours on the water exploring and just enjoying a beautiful day. We made a huge loop starting at our house and going up to Falgout Canal to Decade to Mechant and home by way of lower Bayou Dularge!
On the way, we fished here and there with not much luck. Then Termite decided to net us some live crab so we could sink a few at Grand Pass before coming home. Enjoy!

This is a saltwater fish called a sheepshead, because they have rows of teeth like sheep.
Something down there loved the cracked crab on the end of my line . . .
bulldrum 009
What a goofy look that woman has on her face. It’s ok. She signed a model’s release form! BTW, the fish is called a black drum. And oh, that fish was heavy.

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  1. Yes, it does have lips. Soon to be posted – a closeup of those lips, and you will be oh so sorry you ever brought it up!!!