Gator Hunting: More than just reality TV — 21 Comments

  1. The History Channel needs to put you on their payroll. You’re doing a great job for their advertising dept. No, make that casting dept. Oh h#** , they should just make you V.P. of something! Great story! Any word on Bayou Fabio?

    • No word on Bayou Fabio, and I’m very disappointed in the casting guy. He did not answer my last email asking when they were coming back to finish up their final choices. He conveniently ignored me. Now I feel badly for B.F. because he might have gone to the official casting call if I had offered to take him. You just never know about folks . . . . this whole thing would change his life and I’m not sure he’s ready for the change!

  2. What a great “Tail”…and insight into the connundrum o’ Gator leases and tags (and corp-o-rat landowners). Yer adventures are always grand to hear – no matter how typical they be down the bayou – they allow yer mates to live vicariously through ye and appreciate what a special part o’ the world ye live in…and hopefully it encourages them all to come visit, explore and help preserve one o’ America’s greatest territories! Ye know I miss it like crazy…

  3. I would have loved to have been in your boat and later on dry land when that gator got mad. I love adventure! And I love Swamp People! I watch a lot of shows on the History Channel. Being married to a trucker, I also like the Ice Road Truckers. Reminds me of trips to Colorado during the winter months when we hauled salt up and tators down!

  4. It’s funny how just one trip to the bayou really puts it into your blood, we have been home for weeks and still anytime we are on our lake here and see bubbles on the surface one of us automatically say’s “Gator”. We are still trying to work out details on a Fall Break trip.

  5. Hey, what’s the deal with the new “Do-dads” (I forgot what they are really called) next to our replies? Did you or the Outdoor Blogger Network change them?

    • First off, this blog does not belong to Outdoor Blogger Network. I changed them just for the fun of it. Why, do you have a special request? Would you rather be a quilt square? LOL! I’ll go change them now to something else so you can ask more questions!!! Keep you guessing.

      • The icon is fine. My kids (at a much younger age) would have approved a “monster” icon for me. What they considered an injustice, I called good parenting. As adults, they now see the error of their ways. They are learning to say NO to their own children. I, on the other hand, say yes to the grand kids more often than I should. (I’m still not a push over though) You’ll see, your day will come! LOL

  6. Yep Swamp peeps. When goofs I work with start talking about it and gators I ask, ‘Where did you see it?’ They say ‘Television’. I say ‘Exactly.’ Lot of my coworkers would die soon after watching an old superman show I think as in Caped Doofus Falls From Garage Roof.

    Hovercards? ok you win.

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