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  1. Sorry, I have been a lurker for a long time and now must tell you how impressive you are. A woman of many talents!! Thank you for blogging, I love your wit, pictures, and writing. Someday I want to see your bayou, until then thanks for teaching me about it.

    • Hi T – Welcome to the bayou and thanks for coming out from behind that curtain and commenting!!! Your words make this blogging venture worthwhile. At least I know a few folks are reading and learning. My continued goal is to introduce the world to the rich culture and way of life experience here in the Louisiana wetlands. And why don’t you consider doing one of the Bayou Woman Weekends? Just pick a season and start saving up.

    • Dear Kim, we really do need one of our girl visits! You just might have to fly to New Orleans and let me kidnap you for a couple days. Find something for Sam to do while you’re gone!! Yes, I CONSTANTLY think about that book—I’m sure I’ve told you or at least I’ve mentioned on this blog that I discovered Marjorie Kinnan-Rawlings books about life in the Florida Everglades and hammock in the 90’s and fell in love with her. She was a writer from up north somewhere, and she moved down there and stayed. (our stories run parallel) She would visit the locals with her notebook in hand collecting stories to write for magazines like New Yorker, Harper’s, et. al. and before long, her editor was encouraging her to write books using the local characters. She did, and she was amazing–but she was a “short story” writer first. A couple of the readers here have been dogging me about posts that could be tweaked into short stories, but it feels like I’ve injured my creative writing skills by writing journalistically for the past three years. But that book is brewing and brewing in my soul. It truly is. All in due time.

  2. I second Teresa, you are truly a woman of many talents!!! They say if you suffer from pollen allergies, taking a tsp of LOCAL honey will desensitize you..I have been looking for some from around here…its hard to find. I fell in love with the book “secret life of bees” and can only imagine the joy of beekeeping..but alas, I am too allergic to try it…ive already had one anaphylactic shock., it was no fun. I keep liquid benadry in the house at all times now.
    Your writing & life stories keep me coming back, Your photography takes me there…now if you could just perfect smellaputer…..lolol….keep writing!!!

  3. order of clarification: that would be one tsp of honey every day….just in case anyone else would like to try it. but never give a child under 2 any natural honey.
    The benadry may not stop the severe allergic reaction, but will slow it down until EMS can arrive. liquid form enters the system faster than the pill, which has to dissolve before it starts to work. just fyi.

  4. The honey from your bees is priceless. I’ve had some of my local honey and it doesn’t come anywhere near the goodness of your’s. I’m hoarding the last little bit that remains from your bees! I continue to mourn the bees lost to Rita.

    • Dear, dear Katy, I had a jar of liquid gold for you at the wedding and it never made it out of the vehicle simply because I had other things on my mind, like how to be the mother of the bride!!!! But I have another jar for you, and maybe I could transfer it to a plastic one and ship it to you! Those bees might have been mean, but they did make a lot of honey, honey!

  5. I sure do enjoy your stories. The bees remind me, one day I thought I heard a plane flying low. When I looked it was a big cloud of bees. There must have been thousands. They made a home in one of our trees for a season. Neat to see.

    • Susie, it’s so good that you came back here and you weren’t just being polite by stopping by in the first place!!! I hope I can hone my story telling skills and weave some of the more interesting ones into our late nights during BBWW! And I guess you know that big cloud of bees was a swarm, gathering up to follow the queen. If wild honey bees can survive down here, I definitely did my part to repopulate them because my colonies would produce several swarms each season. They would leave the hive and spiral upwards like a cyclone of bees, and it’s true–the humming was so loud, it was almost electric!!!

  6. Your story reminded me of the one time I got into a particularly aggressive hive which would not have been a problem except for the small hole in my veil. I ended up with about 20 stings on my head including one on my eyelid and one on my lip. I looked kind of funny for a while.

  7. We could have used your “Whispering” skills at our church. We have a hive in the wall right behind the choir. Palm Sunday I noticed about 50 dead bees on the floor behind me. It seems when the roofers were there that week they disturbed the colony. I guess they sprayed something to kill them. We’ve tried in the past to get a beekeeper out there to get the Queen. It”s been a problem off and on for about 8 yrs. We think they’re gone and then they swarm inside the church. Thank goodness they have not all left the hive on a Sunday morning. We have streaks on the wall where honey has leaked down .

    When I was a kid our neighbor had hundreds of hives at his mom’s farm (which is no longer farmland and is now in the middle of Baton Rouge) I spent many an hour helping his kids restring the frames. I found out years later they got paid 10 cents a frame. I didn’t even get a jar of honey!

  8. Off subject but…Just got around to reading yesterday’s (Baton Rouge) newspaper, and what did I read, you say? A very nice article about Bayou Fabio and his Alligator Gar fishing business.

  9. I have tasted that honey – Honey and there is NONE to compair it to! I have savored every drop and licked the counter top if a drop went astray, dont picture that ok….. I sure have missed you!!!! My puter pooped on Friday night and I am just coming out of the stone ages again!

    This was a GREAT story, I love when you give us a story like that! You are truely a great story teller BW!

  10. BW, the article in Sunday’s paper was written by Robert Zullo (Houma Courier) and was credited as an “AP Outdoor Writters Exchange”.

  11. Yes and no – there is about 5 drops left in that little bear container… I am saving it for a bad day, so I can use it to lift my spirits… I may have to cut the bears head off and lick the inside clean though.

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