Got Milk?

Photos by Termite

WARNING:  Prepare to have your heart stolen.

Ike and Kittens
Gray baby
Gray and white
ikes.kittens 004

Another gray
Momma Ike
“Got milk?  I’m all out!”

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    1. Hi Valda, and welcome to this blog. Not sure I’ve seen you comment before, so please speak up any time! We love new comers to comment! BW

  1. Wendy, if you and I can figure out how to keep kittens and pups from aging for 10 – 15 years we will become filthy rich!!
    The pictures were super.

  2. Are they yours or did you happen upon them on one of your excursions? Those blue eyes are beautiful. That last photo of Mom says “ATTITUDE”.

    As you can see, I won’t have to wait to get home to checkout your Blog, Grand Isle State Park now has Wi-Fi! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself posting these cute pictures on Mother’s Day! I would adopt the one in the the fourth picture you call “gray and white” but I can’t.

    This litter reminds me of the menagerie of cats that always showed up to live under Grandmother and Nannie’s back steps and outer building. I looked forward to spring and summer waiting to see how many kittens would turn up and if we could tame them. Wonderful pics that brought back memories of our childhood.

    1. Oh, I had the exact same thoughts, Katy, because there is ANOTHER litter under the back of the house and Termite finally got to them and they just hissed and spat at him like the ones at Grandmother’s used to do!!! They are not as tame as their cousins in the photos!

  4. Cute little sneeze invoking kittens. I’m allergic so from this distance they are adorable, up close and I’d be running for Benadryl.

  5. Hissing Kitties is that the name of Darth’s new band???

    Anyway brings me back to the old earcorn cribs that raised bunches of wild cats. memory serves there was always a curious one who did not spit or claw but would sucker you into sticking your hand in the opening. Sometimes you got your hand back but mostly it was painful. One of my earliest childhood memories. PS. the fish worm pit was right there.

  6. I laughed so hard at the first picture! You know if that momma cat could talk she’d be saying, “OMG, can you please get them off of me? My ninnies are killing me!” *LOL*

  7. I did NOT need to see these pictures!!! I had this puppy thing going for awhile (I really wanted one because I saw a cute one) now I will have a kitten thing going. They are great pictures.