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  1. ew. Poor kitty! We have experienced that! I found a calico kitten in the ditch once. It had “bites” around it’s neck… or so we thought! After a few days we took it to the vet and found it had ‘wolf worms.’ ~Maggots – five or six – coming out of the holes in it’s neck!! Everybody thought we were crazy when we told them about it. The vet wanted to put the cat to sleep, but we brought it there to save it not kill it! Millie grew to be a fat, happy house cat and lived another 10 years after that.

  2. At first I thought snake bite. We had a cat years ago that had the same symptoms. His was a snake bite. “Friday” was dumped at my mom’s office on Fri. Oct. 13th. It was his lucky day. His eyes were still closed and of course he had to be bottle fed. That cat truley had 9 lives. Hit by a car, mauled by a Great Dane, snake bit etc…
    Anyway, back to the Botfly. I recently saw a program on TV where a guy had some in his back. His friends extracted them with tweezers. Gross and painful because of the spines.

    . BW, you’re forgiven. There was a medical emergency that needed your immediate attention. BUT… now it’s time for a good recipe!

  3. I’d rather pull a 6 inch rapala fish and fillet knife out of my leg. OK I already did that. Crap that is ugly. I saw worse in parasitology class though.

  4. Dude. I just sat down with a nice granola bar (yes it is my dinner. so what?) and decided to check in and see if you had that next great recipe you promised us. Not funny.

  5. WoW, I didn’t realize that we had Botflys in the states. I thought they were Africa and South America, then I read they are becoming a problem for the equine industry here.


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